Gift Pot

I present to your attention the step-by-step process of making the “Gift-pot”. It is impossible to imagine life without indoor plants! They surround us at home, at work and in many other institutions. They delight the eye with green leaves, bright colors - and just enliven everything around, giving a pleasant aroma! We all admire them, but it is doubly pleasant to look at a flower if it grows in a beautiful flowerpot! And if you put it in pots? Yes, some unusual! Yes, so that no one was! The question is solved - you can make a cache-pot with your own hands, following the step-by-step manufacturing technique indicated below! For work, you need to prepare the necessary equipment. We will need an empty plastic flower bowl, preferably monochromatic, dark-colored (if not at home, should be purchased at the store), PVA glue, a small container (for example, a baby food cap or something else to pour in the glue) . Also a simple pencil, a cutting board or a wooden stand (for cutting slices from twigs), fresh slices of twigs (American maple), a stationery knife,needle (with a thread - for security purposes).  Take tree twigs
Note: It is better to take soft, but not crumbling tree species for making slices. In our case, we took one type of tree (if you wish, you can use other trees or shrubs, for example, willow, lilac, aspen). Also for decorating a bowl you can take it, made from another material. Step-by-step process of making a "Gift pot": Step 1. Take the twigs of a tree and prepare two types of sections on a wooden board with a knife - round (from thinner branches ) and oblong (oval) - from thicker branches. Oblong slices cut at an angle, cut round at a right angle relative to the twig. Sections of each kind should be proportional to each other.  thick branches  Sections of each kind Step 2. Take a bowl and apply simple pencil outline drawing. On one side of the bowl we draw a snowflake and on the other. On the top border of the bowldraw an ornament in the form of triangles.
 draw a contour with a simple pencil
A drawing can be anything you like - it depends on your imagination! Step 3. Pour glue into the cap. Using a needle, prick a round cut with its base, then lower it into the glue and place it on the contour. According to this principle, we lay out the whole picture (on the one hand, we get a snowflake).
 Pour glue into the cap
glue round cut
On the other hand, the snowflake will be slightly different, as we will use already oval cuts.
 glue round cut
Step 4. Then lay out the ornament in oval cuts on the top border of the bowl.
 glue round cut
Step 5. After the pots dry out, you need to wipe off the leftovers glue with a cotton ball, slightly dipped in water (so as not to disturb the outline of the picture). Step 6. We got a “gift pot” - now you can put a flower in it. The pots can be changed by the sides, because the snowflakes on both sides are different.

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