Frozen Berry Compote: Recipe

recipe of compote of frozen berries:It would seem that difficult to prepare compote? In fact, the compote of frozen berries, like many dishes, requires strict adherence to the recipes and cooking rules. Here are some general tips for beginners:

  • compote of apples, pears and quince cooked for at least half an hour;
  • it is enough to cook compote from frozen berries and other fruits for 15-20 minutes;
  • fruits in compote should not be boiled soft. Otherwise, it will turn into a mess and lose the taste of fresh berries;
  • sugar should be dissolved in boiling water and then add berries;
  • the more acidic the fruit, the more sugar will be needed;
  • frozen berries are not thawed before cooking;
  • Before serving, compote should be infused.

To make the compote beautiful, have a bright taste, use several types of berries or combine them with exotic fruits and citrus. Do not forget about spices and spices. They will give the drink piquancy and saturation.Perfectly suitable vanilla, cinnamon, cloves, sweet pepper.

As prevention of colds in winter, you can use a light herbal decoction instead of water for compote.

Compote "Citrus freshness", a recipe from frozen berries of gooseberries and oranges

Agree that few people could imagine such a combination of fruit for compote. In practice, the drink turns out fresh and tasty. You can cook it at any time of year, as the gooseberry is easily frozen, and fresh oranges are always on sale.

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