Free events: meeting with the stars and a massive ski run

This weekend, the citizens of Voronezh can have fun, saving the family budget.

Saturday, February 10

free events in Voronezh

Everyone is invited to the Olympic Sports Complex. There will be a massive ski race. Competitions will begin at 11.00. Several runs are planned for 5 km, 10 km and a VIP race.

Sunday, February 11

Photo: Julia Evteeva

February 11 at 15. 00 in the City Park "Grad" will meet with the actors Yulia Takshina and Roman Polyansky. As part of the live communication with the audience, the stars will share their impressions of filming in the new series “From Hatred to Love” on the Domashniy channel and reveal the secrets of their skills! Of course, there will be a photo and autograph session! Admission is free (Fashion cafe area).

The series starts on February 19th. In the center of the plot is the story of Natalya Orlova, who, after an unsuccessful first love, decides never to rush into the pool with her head. Guided by reason, a woman was able to achieve great heights in life.Now the main character of the Russian TV series “From Hatred to Love” is a successful business woman and owner of her own hotel in the Moscow region. But can a woman feel completely happy thanks to a great career? You will find out if you watch the melodrama “From Hate to Love”, where passions are simmering no worse than in Turkish TV shows.

Cast: Maria Kulikova, Maxim Bityukov, Roman Polyansky, Julia Takshina, Artem Osipov and others.

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