Found an intimate diary of director Petrosyan Tatyana Brukhunova

Tatyana Brukhunova, having got a job with a humorist in 2006, four years later, she began to write down the most intimate thoughts. And, as usual, trusted their Internet resource. In one of the social networks, she almost daily wrote about love. And how enthusiastically: "Happiness - wake up at the touch of your lips!" But the name of the beloved never indicated.

2010 This one can tame me

02.20.2010, the first entry

"There is no worse woman on the whole Earth than the one with whom she has to share it ..."


"... And I, so proud, and you, so dear ... We burn with a bright flame. In the tears of a night candle. Your eyes are timid only I will understand. How I love you ..."


“To you alone, I’m happy to run. I can't live a minute without your eyes. From happiness, I shine only next to you. "


"You are my breath. You are my early morning. You and the sun is burning. And the rains. I torment myself all the time. I will be the best. ”


"You make your heart beat for just a few minutes."


"Sometimes I hate you, sometimes I pray for you ..."


“It still hurts under the shovel of insults.”


“What's so glowing? Soul. Who lit it?


“How can I overcome this pain? Parting is a little death! ”


"Like a straw, drink my soul."


"If we can still love those who made us suffer, then our love only becomes stronger."


"He is not jealous of someone who does not even have a drop of hope."


“I don’t ask for anything, I have exhausted my soul. Waiting for you no longer have the strength.


"No, I'm not crying, just the eyelash fell, a tear rolled, and it fell into my palm."


“All my colors have your eyes! My thunderstorm is like you! .. ”


“I don't care who you will become for me. And how many times and with whom you deceive me. ”


“It was stuffy from the burning light. And his views are like rays. I just started: this one can tame me. He leaned over - he would say something ... Blood drained from his face. Let the gravestone lie on my life love ... " found out that Tatyana Brukhunova got involved with Evgeny Petrosyan in 2006, when she was only 17 years old.
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“How will I forget? He came out, staggered, painfully twisted his mouth ... I ran away, not touching the railing, I ran after him to the gate. "


“The string of my soul, like a string, is torn, you are only a dream, you are only a strange vision. You are my disaster, my storm, my eclipse. ”


“A day without you, I somehow can take it, and on the second I will go on the ground to search, to warm the love that has cooled down. I do not want, I can not live without you. "


"But you can not rowan to the oak to move to know, the fate of such a century one swing ..."


“With whom you are - I do not know this, with whom I am - it means nothing. With you I play a long game. I love or hate, again I will pretend that I do not expect you ... "


“The soul screams in pain. Where am I wrong? What is my fault?"


"Hurt me, do it, but just do not go away, and I will become the most tender for you, only you will not notice."


“The soul is shedding tears to you, all promises are erased, but expectation is warming in my body, breathing a little.”


"Go away! I'm not crazy, just do not remember my name, nameless I am from now on. Go away! To her in the morning fog. "


09 hours 51 min.

Love is service, adoration, duty ...

18 h 28 min

“Offended! Burst into tears! Shrugged shoulders! Smiled! Put on the studs - FORWARD! ”


00 hours 02 min

“After all, your hands will not embrace me, your eyes will not look for me. And you will pass, having seen me, you will not even think about me. ”

10 hours 53 min.

"My soul was broken into millions of drops of tears, and my heart sank in them ..."


“I want to call you my own for the fact that the days of separation are endless, for the fact that I will never know how your hands are tender ...”


“I didn’t want to cry, but that didn’t work.”


“I no longer dream, I no longer have a story, without you I am indecent, without you I am ugly, I am like an orphan in a shelter. I am ill, very ill. You come unknown when and again go unknown where. I am chained to you. I'm tired, I'm exhausted, pretending to be happy for the mind. "


"I can look at you for hours, and not believe my eyes, and lighten my soul."


5 p.m. 42 min.

“Je tem!”

18 h 09 min

“Je t’aime!”


"Meine Liebe!"


“Without you, I’m not at all, I’m all in error, in corrections, all wrong, bad, without you, I’m no longer entirely. My look for the seeker does not stop anywhere, my heart is beating so hard that it seems: I will not live until morning. Yes, I will not survive even this night. Suddenly, here for the first time I know how to part. ”


"Ich liebe!"


00 hours 10 min.

“After you, without closing the door, I have been living for a year already, and since then the countdown of my inadvertent losses has stopped someone waiting ...”

18 h 58 min.

"Turn around - I won't get up without your hand ..."


“I, of course, is very sinful, but with my love I deserve this paradise. But why? After all, paradise without you does not exist ... "


“He is the God whom I pray! He is an enemy whom I fear! He seemed to be a treasure, and now it is pennies. He is my cry, he is the executioner of my soul. ”


"One ..."


"Those who do not need us, every night without knocking on our dreams."


“And before that, I believe in this, that it’s hard for me not to wait for you all day, without leaving the door, for this you can give everything ...”


"I love ..."

2011. He says I'm a witch


18 h 44 min.

“My burnt soul on the porch asks, but no one will give up a penny, and no one can take this pain. The victim and the executioner herself, and the throat is compressed by a quiet cry ... "

19 h 53 min.

“I breathe with you, my tenderness and my soul. “Be near, I ask,” I whisper softly, barely breathing.


11 o'clock 34 min

“Do not tell me: goodbye, do not say. In the eyes again look frankly. Warm my heart, I ask you, in a difficult hour. I can not imagine how I will live without you ... "

23 hours 51 min.

“He dreamed of me on the most magical night of the year, on the night of Christmas Eve, on the night of Christmas. We were together. They say it is on this night that prophetic dreams are dreaming ... ”


“There is no end to separation, the heart is again lonely without you ...”


"LOVE !!!"


00 hours 24 min

"I will wait, keep love, take care of your prayer ..."

01 hours 09 min

"Do not look into my eyes - I will fascinate ..."

22 h 42 min.

“And my happiness has deep eyes in which you can drown, a charming smile that makes you so warm, the most tender hands in which I feel protected, but most importantly, a kind, sincere heart in which I found a secluded spot! "


“I blush and keep silence, I’m losing my mind at the smell of his perfume, crying at parting, although I know that I’ll see him tomorrow ...”


“It seems to be starting to let go ...”


"Girls are standing, standing aside, handkerchiefs in their hands ... because ten girls, according to statistics: ... and 1 normal, but he is married ..."


“I take a step forward, and you retreat by two. It seems that it's about time to guess. Oh, how I want to be the happiness of someone's dream. ”


“On this day, Tatyana Brukhunova first added two videos of Yevgeny Petrosyan’s speeches and put a like to each.”


“God created a woman from the rib of a man, not from a leg, to be humiliated, not from a head, to be taller, but at hand, to be protected, and under the heart, to be loved!”


13 o'clock 50 min

“I look in the mirror and say:“ Who will get such beauty? ”Mom shouts from the kitchen:“ GiveGod bless you with strength, health and patience. ”

18 h 32 min

“Added a video of Marina Zudina’s sketches“ I am the wife of artistic director ”.

22 h 37 min

“I look at myself in the mirror - beautiful! Looked closely ... No! GODDESS!"


“A smile is my face ... Laughter is my character ... Joy is my life!”


“Why does everyone say that women love money? Yes, we do not love them! See how fast we get rid of them! ”


“Strong is not when you pull a freight train with one hand. Strong - this is when you want to cry from the pain, and you smile at everyone ... "


“He says I'm a witch. But everyone has an alter ego ... "


11 o'clock 42 min.

I called ... I heard his voice for three minutes, and the smile on his face for the second hour ...

19 h 39 min.

"Yesterday was a witch, and today already a muslin lady ..."


“I can roll everything ... Eyes, banks, hysterics ... I know how to do anything from ... lunch, hair-do, scandal ... I can take out the garbage, the brain. In general, I am a very capable girl ... "

Tatyana Brukhunova led not only Yevgeny Petrosyan’s website, but also a personal diary about her beloved
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“Thank you for being there ...”


"Having learned that her ex-husband is going to marry a young neighbor,she took revenge on him with a purely female perfidy: she married a neighbor's father and became a mother-in-law. ”


“When is it already learning how to conduct light in women's bags? I really need it!"


10 hours 13 min

"... When you fall from powerlessness and hope begins to leave you, know that you have come half way!"

19 h 20 minutes.

“I would stand in church and pray. Yes, to mourn our sins ... Yes, in affairs we must forever spin, and the steps in the monastery are not easy ... I wanted to ask for myself, but my soul asked for you. I don’t care about myself, I asked with my heart. ”


"One will not understand what roses smell like ... Another bitter herb will extract honey ... you will give someone a trifle, you will remember forever ... You will give life to someone, but he will not understand ..."


“He gave me happiness without measure. And tears, tears without a number ... "


“My heart is beating in my chest, tearing and calling. And I beg you, do not go ... "


"I know what eyes my happiness is - His!"


"LOVE !!! Yes ... Spring, lowered windows in the car, the sun is so bright that the eyes involuntarily squint, and it is near ... "


“Men admire girls in mini, and wives are wrapped in blankets. Love, but change ... "


“When I see your smile, my heart blooms. Then the whole life comes before my eyes, and I pray and cry in secret, because without you, my only guide, my past seems empty, like heaven without God. ”


“You can forgive your loved one ALL.But will he remain loved after this? ”


"April. It is snowing outside, at nine o'clock in the evening. We go under one umbrella and eat donuts ... "


“I love, I wait for you and I understand, I love, I die without you, and the pain does not subside, I love and understand, I die, I love you, and the pain is unbearable, I love you so much, I love, my pain does not subside, I love!”


“Thank you for being there ...”


“I’m not jealous ... it’s just that she’s really better without her hair ...”


“Without you, the soul is deserted like autumn, but remember one thing: I am waiting for you back. And I myself can not believe that love is like a distance without an edge. Anxious, and light, and a little scary, but do not catch me neither grief nor melancholy. And behind you is my road, and without you my soul is like a boat in the sand. All thoughts of you, my crazy happiness. May you still be with me, and I’m already sad, but I’m not letting you go anywhere in my heart. "


"There is nothing on this earth more beautiful than your eyes, warmer than your hands ..."


13 o'clock 15 minutes.

“Maybe I forgot pride, as I want to hear the voice, your long-awaited voice. Days pass without you, that with me, I do not know. Please, call me! ”

23 hours 10 min.

"I want to cry to the edge, then to laugh, without ceasing ..."


"Love, like a dream ..."


“Thank you for being there!”


"Will he ever stop mocking me? .."


"This nightmare will never end ..."


“I can’t even take offense at him ...”


"Big Pooh ... My Zai ..."


"Everything froze ..."


"He wrenched half in the soul ..."


"If a woman is not a bitch, then she is sick!"


"I miss you so much!"


“I would like to go with him to Paris again, on Sunday morning there are croissants in bed and laugh at anything. But, since he has a successful life behind his back, he is hampered by crumbs in bed. ”


“Always, when the phone doesn’t ring, I know it’s you ...”


“He's like a rose. And roses always have thorns. ”


“When you're here, the days fly like poppy seeds from a leaky bucket. And then you leave, and it starts to seem to me that not only did someone plug this bucket, it still comes secretly at night and pours a poppy into it. ”


“I feel an amazingly painful sense of how firmly you entered my life and what happens to me when you emigrate from it.”


“There is nothing more unfair than to miss someone without reciprocity. It is even worse than love without reciprocity. ”


"The soul is grieving and praying ... Longing for me chasing."


“There is no more strength to torment and constantly wait ... Tosca gnawed a black hole in the shower ...”


“How frightening it becomes to live when a person appears who is not yours, but you are still afraid of losing him.”


“The hours go by, my heart is breaking in pain. Is it possible to part - my share ?! I will close my page without you. I am ready to surrender to you forever. ”


"A smart girl kisses, but does not love, listens, but does not believe and leaves before they left her."


"At first I missed him ... Then ... I began to yearn for the day when I did not long for him."


“I realized that he would never be just my man. It is entirely possible to have it only for a while. And I have to put up with it. If you can not have a whole loaf of bread, then you can get the joy of picking out raisins and eating them. Besides, it's worth living a minute, although you often want to put your own heart in the refrigerator. ”


"From happiness, I shine only next to you."


"Once again, I thank you for everything, and most importantly - for being you."


16 hours 48 min

“I want so much to hug you ...”

18 h 12 min

“It’s impossible to love like that ... It would be easier to disappear than to bear it ...”


“Happiness is He!”


"Thank you! I love you very much!"


2 p.m. 38 min

“Thank you for being with me. For the heart filled with love.And every cell of mine wants to be only with you. I remember, miss, kiss and wait. ”

15 hours 09 min

“I can, I will not cry! In the fire and water I will go after him! ”

16 hours 12 min

"I did not want to cry, but that did not work ..."

19 h 09 min

“And I would hug you tightly, in order to tear my soul in two only from love. And instead of a hundred candles in the house, there is one in the corner and one about you is so sad about you. ”


“I didn’t like that short evening, my soul froze, and she had nothing to warm up ...”


"Just to be with you ..."


"It would be easier for me not to breathe, than not to be near you ..."


“On the daisy field in my heart. I will not guess, love or not love, on the chamomile field in my heart. You will kiss me ”.


“With the advent of you in my life, common sense and reason immediately disappeared from her!”


“A woman can make a man she loves beautiful!”


“I stole you for the night, like a pocket thief. You and I will burn involuntarily ... So what, what's young. I was hurt many times, but I know everything in advance. ”




“Autumn night gave you a gift. So that I shall never see the light again. ”


"There are times when the pain is so strong that it is impossible to breathe."


"You are my happiness, very much like a grief ..."


“It's bad with you, and without you it's impossible!”


“I stand silently. I smile. And the heart breaks the ribs from the inside. ”


"Time does not heal. It just cuts out live. ”


“I will do everything I can do!”


“My life smells like your perfume ...”


“And the whole planet opened for me. Thank you dear!"


21 hours 24 min

“My torturer! All the worst methods you left me for dessert! "

21 hours 27 min

“Only you, dear, can give me wings and immediately dip into the boiling pot!”

21 hours 54 min.

"I am mad! Do not trust? Normal won't love you! ”

22 h 36 min

"You took everything from me, leaving only endless pain and longing ... For you ..."


“To restrain oneself when it is insulting, and not to make scenes when it hurts, that’s what the ideal woman is.”


"The worse things are for a girl, the better she should look." Coco Chanel


“Thank you for loving you!”


“People are strangely arranged. We love, even if it hurts. We forgive even if we hate. ”


“No matter what, I love you anyway!”


"I love, I wait, I suffer, I think ..."


“And why did you get this for me ?!”


"You are the sun that is always in the clouds ..."


21 hours 05 min

“You are unique! Only you can destroy me in one word ... "

22 h 13 min

“I wonder what my life would be like, would I not meet you? Quiet and calm, comfortable and measured, but empty ... "


“And why do I forgive you everything ?!”


"I still love ..."


“You call me a princess, and you consider me a witch. You kiss me on the forehead and warm your hands with the palms ... You made my eyes full of tears. ”


"Why can't we be simpler? .."


“Gasping, I shouted:“ Joke is all that was. Leave, I die. " He smiled calmly and terribly and said to me: "Do not stand in the wind."


“Someday I will take a brick, write the word“ Miss you ”on it and throw it on your head! So that you understand how it hurts ... "


"I am drowning in tenderness for you ..."


“We didn’t see each other ... You didn’t even ask:“ How are you? ”Your mission on this Earth is to make me unhappy ?!”


"You are always mysterious and new, I obey you every day."

year 2012. So it is necessary that people could not understand our views.

In 2012, the previous director of the comedian Yuri Ditkovich passed away, his assistant Tatyana Brukhunova became new.

October 7, 2012. Benefit Eugene Petrosyan "50 years on stage" - so signed this photo in her album
Photo: personal page of the hero of publication in the social network


13 o'clock 30 min.

“Your tender lips, the touch of your hands, how I breathed without them, why was you so afraid of pain? ..”

19 h 03 min

“I know how to conjure a little. My strong nets you do not break. You can't cope with charms, you will be mine! ”


“Why do I always have a little of you? ..”


"You just walked out the door, and I already miss ..."


"From meeting to meeting - my whole life ..."


"When you dream, I want to live in a dream ..."


"I am drowning in tenderness for you ... I love ..."


00 hours 06 min

"Why are you doing this to me?.."

13 o'clock 40 min

"Oh, how beautiful you are, damned!"


"Leave me, please ... I have no more strength ..."


"And you are neither yes nor yes, but I still wait when-when."


"So it is necessary that people could not understand our views."


"Just a doll ..."


"Love me Love".


"6 days ... Endure without you 6 days ..."


“Missing you, waiting and believing has become my way of life ...”


"5 days…"


"4 days…"


"2 days…"


"I miss you."


12 hours 16 min

“You are in this world - the sun for darkness, the heart for emptiness. All of you ... "

13 o'clock 26 min

"I will pray for you, and my heart beats, loving ..."


"You are the genius of moral sadism ..."


“So, the earth and the heavens are a stranger, I live and no longer sing, as if you have taken my free soul from hell and from paradise”.


“You call me holy, but this is not so, I just love you very much! ..”


"5 days without you ..."


"4 days…"


"2 days…"


“Thank you for being with me. For the heart filled with love. And every cell of mine wants to be only with you ... "


"My happiness has a bad temper, a deep look and gentle hands."


“I love you so much that at the very thought of you I catch my breath and a smile appears on my face ...”


“The days have become beautiful, as if in childhood dreams, like the dawn over willows at the river wave. I can look at you for hours, and not believe my eyes, and lighten my soul. ”


“When I see your smile, my heart blooms, I want to tell you what my heart tells me. Then the whole life comes before my eyes, and I pray and cry in secret, because without you, my only guide, my past seems empty, like the sky without God. ”


3 days


"Just being with you next ..."


"Is it really possible to love so much ..."


"Always be with you ..."


"Just being with you next ..."


"Happiness - waking up from the touch of your lips ..."


"I miss ... Three days without you ..."



year 2013. Love entered, destroyed all the walls


"5 days without you ..."


"2 days without you ..."


“I talked with you on the phone for two minutes, and I’m already smiling for the second hour ...”




"Together ... Love entered, destroyed all the walls - I feel so calm in my heart now ..."

From a provincial simpleton a native of Tula turned into a metropolitan thing
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From 03/05/2013 to 08/04/2018 (the date of the last entry on the page)

No heartbreaking posts - just photos in beautiful dresses, fur coats, jewelry and flowers. With a smile on his face.

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