Former Borodina Mikhail Terekhin asks him to find a wife

The 37-year-old ex-member of Doma-2, now a lawyer, shared that after breaking up with Xenia, his personal life does not go well at all.

Ksenia Borodina and Mikhail Terekhin broke up two years ago. But if the TV presenter has since managed to marry a second time and have a second child, then the personal life of her former lover somehow does not go well.

Mikhail tried to build a relationship with the ex-wife and mother of his son Christina. But it did not work out.

“We are like a brother and a sister. We are raising a child, having fun, but not returning the romance, ”he admitted to a Woman’s Day correspondent.

Mikhail assures that only son binds them to his ex-wife Kristina
Photo: @advokat_terekhin

Terekhin also said that there are many representatives of the fair sex around him, but you cannot command your heart, nobody likes it.

“Ksyusha has already built a family, has given birth to a child ... And I am also ready for a new relationship, a new marriage,” continued Mikhail.And then he joked: “Maybe you have a smart, beautiful and suitable girl for me?”

We, in turn, remembered all the unmarried celebrities who could become a couple for Mikhail Terekhin. Or could not?

What do you think, with whom could Mikhail Terekhin be happy?
What do you think, with whom could Mikhail Terekhin be happy?
  • Olga Buzova
  • Lena Lenina
  • Victoria Dayneko
  • Anna Kalashnikova
  • Katy Topuria
  • Alena Shishkova
  • Ordinary girl

Recall Michael became famous as a member of "House-2". The former policeman came to the project to build his love, and eventually fell in love with ... the leader. At that time, Ksenia Borodina just broke up with her first husband, so she accepted Terekhina’s courtship. However, their love story did not last long. And the initiator of a break in relations was Ksenia. Then it became known that a new man appeared in her life - businessman Kurban Omarov.

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