Flowing mixer - fix the problem

Cartridge or ball single-lever mixers are quite popular today. They are convenient to use, and are considered the most modern execution of valves. Over time, however, they can flow. What is the reason for such a failure and how to eliminate it? Such a phenomenon, unfortunately, is not uncommon. Since the taps are the final devices in the wiring diagram, the water pressure drops have a detrimental effect on their moving part. In ball valves and mixers most often suffer cartridges that are responsible for the preparation of water of the desired temperature. How to replace them correctly, without damaging the mixer, we will tell you now.
Flowing mixer fixing the problem

Ball cartridge cartridge device

The cartridge is a small plastic cylinder with a square cross section sticking upwards. The rotary mechanism of the cartridge changes the position of two adjacent ceramic plates or discs. They are polished and lubricated with silicone grease.Each of them has three holes - for cold, hot water and a tap outlet. Their combination and gives a certain proportion and pressure of water. At the exit from the holes of the discs, seals are fixed, which are responsible for sealing the cartridge in relation to the body of the crane. /posts/2018-04/medium/1523358392_kartridzh_dlya_smesitelya_40_mm.jpg "style =" max-width: 100%; " alt="Mixer cartridge">

What you need to work

  • New cartridge;
  • Adjustable wrench;
  • Knife or screwdriver;
  • 2.5 mm hex (for the presser foot bolt).

Flowing mixer fixing the problem

Changing the cartridge in the mixer

Before starting any work related to the repair or replacement of valves, it is necessary to shut off the water supply in the line so as not to make a flood. For the majority of intra-house and apartment wiring, the first ball valve in the assembly with a water meter located on the riser or main pipe is responsible for this. To get to the cartridge, you need to disassemble the inside of the mixer. We begin to do this by dismantling the rotary switch or tap foot. On its body there is a small cap with the designation of the type of water: blue - cold, red - hot.We hook it with a sharp tool - a knife or a screwdriver - and unscrew the clamping bolt with a hexagon on the stem bushing.
Flowing mixer fixing the problem
Flowing mixer fixing the problem
Loosening the clamp of the square sleeve on the back of the foot, remove it manually. The next element will be a decorative hemisphere ring, repeating the inner shape of the foot. It can be inserted through a plastic gasket or stick to the thread. It is most often removed manually.
Flowing mixer fixing the problem
Flowing mixer fixing the problem
Flowing mixer fix the problem
Using a wrench, unscrew the clamping nut, which fixes the cartridge in the faucet. Over time, this part of the faucet turns sour in limescale and scale, and it is not so easy to remove. To facilitate the dismantling of the nut, you can use a WD-40 aerosol or vinegar, filling the thread with them and leaving it onsome time. If such measures do not help, it is permissible to break the nut by pressing the gas wrench. These nuts can easily be found in specialized hardware stores. Breaking the clamping nut, do not damage the mixer body! Advice! Sometimes the residual pressure of water in the pipeline makes it impossible to unscrew the cartridge clamping nut made of plastic or brass. To reduce it, it is necessary to fully open another tap or mixer in the system.
Flowing mixer fixing the problem
Flowing mixer fixing the problem
Flows the mixer we solve the problem
The cartridge inside the mixer is not fixed. It is easily removed by hand, and replaced with a new one of the same size. Please note that landing grooves are located at the bottom of the cavity of the crane. The cartridge must be positioned so that the semicircular protrusions at its bottom coincide with these notches, and fix its correct position. When choosing a cartridge for your faucet you should not guess about its size.The most practical thing is to take it with you to the store and buy an identical one.
Flowing mixer fixing the problem
Flows the mixer we fix the problem
We assemble the mixer in the reverse order and enjoy the serviceable cartridge. After all, any plumber will say that this is happiness when nothing flows in your house!
Flowing mixer fixing the problem
Flowing mixer fixing the problem
Flowing mixer fixing the problem

Practical tips

The quality of the water, its hardness and the presence of hard impurities - debris, sand, rust, etc - affect the wear of the cartridges. d. Due to friction, they wear plates and seals, which can lead to leakage or "squeezing" in the system when hot water displaces cold water through the formed gaps in the mixer. Experienced masters advise to include in the wiring diagram a cleaning filter, having ascertained the composition of water and impurities in it. Also pay attention to the quality of purchased faucets and mixers.Savings in this case may cost to repair not only the cartridge, but also the room, and not only your own.

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