Flirt: a few tricks of an exciting game

If you are sympathetic to a man, this can be unobtrusively demonstrated by various methods. Men subtly catch such signs and appreciate when they pay attention.

The main thing for the lady is not to overdo it and feel at what moment it is better to stop, so as not to look vulgar and too accessible.

  • It is possible to attract the attention of a man with a attentive gaze right in the eyes, lingering a little longer than the usual, passing gaze. Learn to raise one eyebrow, combined with a slight mysterious smile, this will be a silent call to action.
  • One of the ancient methods of seduction is to run a hand into your hair or twist a curl with your finger. Such a gesture looks natural and feminine, and most importantly - makes a strong impression!
  • If you are sitting in the field of view of the man you are interested in, cross your legs, and after a while slowly change your leg.If at the same time you have a short skirt, beautiful stockings and stilettos, the effect will be killing outright!
  • Your walk, if you can demonstrate it, should be graceful and smooth, like a panther before jumping.
  • The voice and its modulations are a powerful weapon of a woman. Learn to speak in a low voice, without haste, in a soft, chesty voice - and you can bewitch any man. Contact the man with a small request or question, and you will have a good chance to start a conversation.

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