Flabby skin: masks from grapes will help

The skin becomes flabby not only because of impending aging. Very often, this contributes to a sharp weight loss, smoking and nervous exhaustion. By the way, excessive use of cosmetics also does not benefit the beauty and youth.

Masks based on natural natural ingredients will help keep the skin supple and elastic. Such funds act fairly quickly, but the effect of them is short. That is why the procedures should be done regularly: at least twice a week.

Long since grapes are used for skin care, as it contains a huge amount of vitamins C, A, B9, B1 and B2. If the body lacks these substances, the skin becomes flabby, and premature wrinkles appear.

Fresh grapes help the skin to remain hydrated and supple. Take a few grapes, wash them and cut each into two halves.Fresh cut wipe the skin of the face and neck. Wash in 15-18 minutes.

For women over 35 years old, a mask of 5-6 grapes, 1 tsp, will suit. heated olive oil and 1 tsp. honey Mix all ingredients well with a blender. Then add the raw chicken yolk and a pinch of salt. Mask spread over the face and neck and wait for 15 minutes.

Ladies with very dry skin can make a mask of 1 tbsp. fresh grape juice, 1 tsp sour cream and the same amount of olive oil. Add raw egg yolk if desired.

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