Films about summer that will melt the May snow

Spring has gone somewhere: it then falls asleep on us almost in February blizzard, then it pours icy rain. We want the sun to be warm, so that our shoulders are sunburned, freckles appear, and everything inside is filled with childish joy. In the meantime, we cling to the hot batteries in an attempt to keep warm, let's at least see a movie about the summer and the happiness that it brings.

"Road, road home"

Teen Duncan travels with his mother and stepfather for the summer in a resort town on the beach. The boy feels lonely and unsure of himself, but he is helped to open up by a careless loser working in an aquapark. It is a little sentimental story about the last childhood summer, in which both the first love and the acquisition of new forces happen. The main children's roles were performed by cute Liam James and Anna-Sophia Robb, and the mother, stepfather and the guy from the water park were played by Tony Collett, Steve Carell and Sam Rockwell.

"Kings of summer"

Three adolescents who were tired of the oppression of their home, the troubles at school and just for the sake of experiment, fled from home to the forest.There they built a house, learned how to get their own food, and lived for several weeks completely independently and in complete happiness. Sunny film about the fact that the romantic desire to become Robinson will not disappear in the boys never. By the way, during the period of voluntary and full of adventures of a recluse among teenagers, stubble has grown, so that they return home quite mature.

"Pretend my wife"

Lovelace Danny (Adam Sandler) tells the girls he wants to sleep with, that he is married, which helps him avoid unnecessary obligations. But, having met with the beautiful Palmer, Danny realizes that he is ready for a more serious relationship. Only here the girl stumbles upon his fake wedding ring and throws a tantrum. To save Palmer, Danny betrays his colleague (Jennifer Aniston) for his wife, whom he divorces. The events get out of control, and unexpectedly for himself, Danny finds himself in Hawaii in the company of his girlfriend, the fake wife and her two children.

"Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona"

A declaration of love for sunny Barcelona, ​​with the music that has become a favorite ringtone and relationships that go out of control.Young American women Christina and Vicky (Scarlett Johansson and Rebecca Hall) go on holidays to Barcelona, ​​where they meet the brutal handsome Antonio (Javier Bardem). This is the way the uncertain love triangle develops, which temperamentally destroys the former wife of Antonio (Penelope Cruz).

"Under the sun of Tuscany"

To forget about the painful divorce, the writer Francis (Diane Lane) goes to travel to Italy. Yielding to a sudden impulse, Francis stops in a Tuscan village, buys an abandoned house, where he finally finds peace of mind and personal happiness.

"Lord of the markup"

A nice film has concentrated in itself the atmosphere of summer carelessness, romance and adventurism, although it tells only about two workers who put markings on Texas roads in the late 80s, and they shot only a little more than a couple of weeks. We will see a road pastoral, two people (Emil Hirsch and Paul Rudd), who talk about everything in the world, and charming retro examples like a clock with a calculator and a mustache.

"Hotel" Marygold ": The Best of Exotic"

A group of colorful British retirees decides to spend the rest of the days in a wonderful hotel for the elderly in India. In practice, the hotel is a ruin, and its manager is a charming, but rather disorderly youth. Gradually, retirees, who play the British stars, fall in love with India, and some into each other.

"Mamma Mia!"

A musical about a girl Sophie, who, before her wedding, invited three prospective fathers to a family celebration. All three came, which brought a lot of trouble and worries to mother Sophie Donna, in the past, quite loving. For nine years now, cinema has been giving the audience happy goosebumps, for which the brilliant Meryl Streep is most responsible. The action takes place on a sunny Mediterranean island.

"Burnt by the Sun"

One day in the summer of 1936 was flooded with sun, full of laughter and faith in a bright future, and ended with drama. At the dacha of the legendary divisional division Kotov, his friends and relatives relax, in the warm air there is a weightless happiness, which for some reason presses in the chest. In the middle of the Soviet, summer, pioneer summer with the arrival of a former family friend, a thunderstorm broke out.

Big Splash

Summer thriller, the denouement of which is known to most viewers thanks to the film "Pool" with Alain Delon and Romy Schneider, which is taken as the basis of the "Big Burst".

In the south of Italy, rest rock singer and her lover. Suddenly, they were visited by guests: the ex-husband of a star and his pretty grown up daughter. A game full of passion and eroticism is played between four adults near the beautiful sea.

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