Glass / plastic / tin: where to buy water

Features of glass, plastic and tin containers

For the production of cans used for bottling, the double-rolled sheet of the DR-9M and DR-10 grades is used, its thickness becoming smaller every year, as is the weight of the cans themselves. This trend will continue as technology develops. Food tin - a chemically inert material that provides the necessary storage conditions for any soft and low-alcohol "democratic" drinks that are drunk on the road, in the stadium, at informal friendly gatherings.
Today, traditional glass containers compete with other types of packaging used for beverages: aluminum, tin, cardboard, PET plastic. Glass is the safest type of packaging for health - it is neutral in its chemical composition, it does not emit any harmful substances, odors and is not saturated with the aromas of the drink that is stored in it, and does not change its taste.Glass is recyclable. A glass bottle is completely relevant on a table served for a festive occasion.
Plastic packaging allows you to reduce the cost and weight of the drinks bought in the store. But cheap plastic allows gases, so mineral water and carbonated drinks are not stored in it for a long time. If you use a multi-layer plastic that provides the required storage conditions even for beer, the cost of such bottles will be 2-3 times higher than glass bottles.

In which container to buy drinking water

Taking into account the characteristics of each material used for the production of packaging, as well as taking into account the storage characteristics of various beverages, it can be concluded that drinking water can still be bought in plastic.
First, only such a container will be the most convenient and safe for transporting and storing those large volumes that sell water for drinking. Secondly, in the drinking water there are no active substances, for the preservation of which special conditions are necessary, for example, opacity or chemical inertness. Thirdly, the use of plastic allows you to save the low cost of this vital product,after all, drinking water gradually replaces chlorinated tap water during cooking.

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