Features of pregnancy after 30 years

Undoubtedly, the greatest happiness for a woman is motherhood. And each, regardless of age, asks himself: am I ready, will I be a good mother, can I provide? Someone thinks that giving birth to a child is better in his youth, some that the baby should appear when you are already over thirty. You can talk a lot about the pros and cons of pregnancy after 30.

The most beautiful

In the pros there will always be a stable financial condition, and most importantly, a clear understanding and desire to have a baby. In the minuses, of course, outgoing health, and a big difference in age with a crumb. There are no advisers here, everyone makes their own choice. Do not be afraid of this, arm yourself with your experience and wisdom. In the end, read the literature. And you will understand that modern medicine in this matter sometimes works wonders. However, there are some features of pregnancy and childbirth after thirty.

Quite often, women who decide to have a firstborn after 30 years of age are called “old parents”.This expression should not offend the future mother, just a number of characteristic problems arise with age. Women who become pregnant the second time, are much easier to bear repeated childbirth. But those who give birth for the first time should prepare themselves for some risks and trials, but this is all for their own happiness, is not it?

What is the risk of the expectant mother?

- The threat of miscarriage is one of the main complications, the longer you delay conception, the greater the likelihood of spontaneous abortion, because the uterus becomes difficult to keep a fertilized egg.

- Late toxicosis (gestosis) occurs in the second trimester, and in the absence of treatment can lead to a fatal outcome. It has its own distinctive features: the presence of protein in the urine, swelling, high blood pressure.

- Because of the loss of elasticity of the birth canal with age, the labor activity is extremely weak, and as a consequence - the caesarean section.

- However, the worst thing is that there is a great danger of having a baby with Down syndrome.

But do not be afraid. Just worth more thoroughly prepare for pregnancy.

First of all - emotional preparation. The main thing is not to be nervous.Remember, while you are angry or upset, there are significant hormonal changes in your body. And not only you, but also your blood. This can provoke a disruption in the development and formation of the cardiovascular system of the embryo.

Calm down, speak out, albeit on an elevated tone, but do not keep everything to yourself, do not provoke stress in yourself. The hormone cortisone - released during stress can cause premature delivery.

Physical training is also important, because with age, physiological changes occur (elastic fibers become dense and not pliable). Being born, the baby due to the efforts of the press and the generic actions of the uterus reveals the pelvic floor.

Therefore, it is imperative to strengthen the muscles of the anterior abdominal wall and pelvic floor. Swimming, gymnastics on fitball, aqua aerobics, yoga will help not only physically prepare, but also harmonize the general condition of the body. Just do not forget that physical culture normalizes weight and speeds up the metabolism in the body of the future mother.

Some surveys

Firstly,It is necessary to cure the inflammatory processes of the genital organs. Because when they become pregnant, their treatment becomes impossible because of the negative impact on the crumbs. A visit to the dentist will prevent the appearance of foci of infection in the oral cavity.

Prompt doctor

The disease of tuberculosis is a contraindication to pregnancy, and in view of the fact that this disease is very common in our country, it is necessary to undergo fluorography.

Remember that when you become pregnant, there will be no possibility of full treatment. A very small amount of medication can be used when you are in position, and the rest lead the risk of fetal development.

And perhaps the most important thing is to listen and not to ignore the advice of the doctor. A woman in a position, especially if she is in her thirties, must necessarily pass through all the stages of perinatal screening without exception.

Perinatal screening is a complex of diagnostic studies that allow you to identify abnormalities in the intrauterine development of a child. Ultrasound screening is performed at least three times.

Screening steps:

  1. It is held on the period from 10 to 13 weeks of pregnancy.It includes a gynecologist examination, a blood test for hormones, weighing, genetic analysis, ultrasound screening. It is in this period that the most gross defects in the development of the fetus are revealed.
  2. Held from 14 to 20 week. Just like at the first stage of a pregnant woman, they are examined, ultrasound, weighing, a biochemical analysis will be added, which will determine the probability of having a child with the syndrome of Edwards and Down, spinal cord and brain defects.
  3. Concluding ultrasound screening is conducted at 22-24 weeks. At this time, the anatomical features of the fetus are determined. Does the baby have enough nutrients and does your child suffer from oxygen starvation? In the third trimester, cardiotocography is required.

If an ultrasound examination revealed a pelvic presentation, hyper or hypotension, then in the later periods it is better to lie down on preservation so that the doctors at the maternity hospital constantly monitor you.

The main rules of nutrition for pregnant women

During pregnancy, the greatest concern for oneself is manifested, attention to the quality of one's diet is much more often drawn.

There will be problems, but the child is worth it.

Perhaps the most favorite drink of future mothers is green tea, because it contains many useful substances.But from the coffee should be abandoned, but if you can not do this, then reduce its use to two hundred milligrams per day. Vegetables, fruits and fresh juices - this is the basis of the nutritional status of a woman in position. Do not forget about cereals, they are very important in this period of your life.

Milk and dairy products, especially cottage cheese, should make up a large part of the diet. First of all, they are a source of calcium, which is the building material of the bone system of the fetus, its nails and teeth.

The diet should include sea fish, which is rich in useful minerals, trace elements and phosphorus. Meat, in turn, should be only an addition to the diet, not its foundation. The most useful oil for pregnant women is olive oil.

It is strictly necessary to exclude from the diet fried, spicy, smoked dishes, soda, chips, crackers and the most basic - alcohol.

It is important to understand that everything that you eat, do and feel during pregnancy will certainly affect the future baby.

Over the years, more and more families decide to give birth after 30 years. And this is not a problem, just lead a healthy lifestyle and exercise.And you will surely hear in your address such a long-awaited appeal: “Mom”. Be patient, a healthy and cheerful children always grow up with a loving and healthy mother. And for them you at any age will be the best in the world.

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