Features of glass aprons

Features of glass apronsSkinali - a common type of kitchen apron. Many people doubt whether they are suitable for skinning, because they do not know the specifics of this kind of apron. Below we will tell you everything about this coverage.

It is best to choose skins that are made of tempered glass, because it is very durable. It is very solid, it is difficult to break it. If this happens, the shards will still not be able to cut you, because they will have smooth edges. Don't chooseSkinali for the kitchenfrom hardboard or plastic. They are not so reliable.

Most often for skinal use photo printing, as well as decorative polymer film. Also often laser engraving and silk-screen printing. The glass undergoes temperature treatment only after drawing the pattern and adjusting the size.

Which glass is best to choose? It depends on your preference. Many people like frosted glass, someone crazy about a structured surface. Nowadays, surfaces such as krizet, satin, and linstral are quite popular.The standard skin thickness is 6-8 millimeters. Also often put a discolored glass (optovite). It is suitable for white and light-colored aprons. Due to the fact that ordinary glass has a bottle tone, it can distort the bright colors of the apron.

When creating Skinali, do not recommend exceeding the length of 2-2.5 meters. The longer the panel, the more difficult it is to work with it, transport it. It is better to make an apron from a pair of panels shorter. If a professional works, you will not notice the joints. Skinali with LED backlighting - it's original and functional.

If you have curved walls in the kitchen, they need to be leveled before installing skinali. If the walls have small irregularities, put one layer of plaster and install an apron. This is done only after the complete installation of the kitchen unit, because you cannot subject tempered glass to correction, just order a new one if you make a mistake with the calculations.

There are several types of fasteners skinnali. Hinged fixture involves pressing the panels to the wall. Pass-through fasteners imply “pinning” panels to the wall and masking fastenings with decorative elements.Attach to the wall panels glue on a silicone base. It is necessary to take high-quality glue, which will not leave traces. Installing the finished apron takes up to an hour.

Specialists of our company will be happy to help you find skines for the kitchen, which will bring new designer notes to the kitchen.

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