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Fish got its name from the telescope because of its unusual bulging eyes. There is no such kind in nature; it was artificially bred at the beginning of the twentieth century on the basis of goldfish. But in comparison with them, the telescope has a more rounded body shape.

Fish content telescope

Caring for fish does not bring difficulties, the main thing is to make sure that the arrangement of the aquarium is safe. The sharp stones and branches of the shells can hurt her eyes. The telescope is hardy and can live at low temperatures, so it is often bred by novice aquarists.

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Best telescope fish live with the peaceful inhabitants of the aquarium
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On one individual relies 50 liters of water. But with an increase in the number of individuals, this figure can be slightly reduced, for example, to place 6 fish in a 200-liter aquarium. In this case, special attention should be paid to filtration and aeration of water. The optimum temperature is 20-23 ° C, the rigidity is 6-8 °. Every week you need to replace 1/5 of the water.

Small fishes of this species like to dig in the ground, so it is better to pour coarse sand or fine rounded pebbles on the bottom so that they do not scatter it.

In food, they are completely unpretentious and eagerly eat vegetable and animal food. Since pets love to overeat, you need to monitor the amount of feed. The amount of food should not exceed 38% of the weight of the individual. Feed pets in the morning and evening. Because of the large and prominent eyes, the fish does not see well what is in front. Therefore, even during feeding, she relies little on her vision.

Compatible fish telescope with other inhabitants of the aquarium

These aquarium fishes have a calm, benevolent, peace-loving character, so they get along without problems with their same peaceful and slow neighbors. With aggressive roommates can not post them, as the former can easily injure the latter.

It is best to keep only a few pairs of telescopes in an aquarium. But if there is no such possibility, you can share it with them:

  • goldfish;
  • voiletail;
  • oranda.

But from the neighborhood with the barbs, Denison and Ternutsi nothing good will come. Also, do not add antsistrus and gerinochailus to the aquarium, as they, having attached themselves to the fish body with a suction cup, can travel for hours along with the slow telescope.

Aquarist should understand that large bulging eyes are considered a marriage in natural conditions. It’s just that a person liked this feature and brought a new type of fish with such a “decorative defect”. Therefore, in order for the telescope fish to be not deprived, it needs to create the most comfortable living conditions.

With careful care, the fish live up to 15 years.

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