Favorite sheepskin coat has become small? No problem. Make it cozy and stylish uggs

If you have an old, worn sheepskin coat lying around your house, which is also too small, do not rush to throw it away! From this sheepskin coat you can sew cozy, soft and warm uggs!

Product patterns

You can easily make patterns, outlining your foot on paper + a couple of cm for seam allowances.

For sewing you will need:

  • old sheepskin coat
  • strong thread that will not tear
  • soft sole material
  • decorative elements

We proceed to the manufacture of:

1. Transfer the patterns to the fabric (sheepskin coat). Begin to cut, and then proceed to stitching the parts.

2. After your ugg boots are in an almost complete condition, you can decorate them with bright threads, ribbons and other decorative elements.

From the remaining material can be made slippers or chuni.

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