Favorite performers in one place

For those who can not live a day without music, there is a wonderful service with which you can listen to your favorite songs and download them if you wish in one click.

On the miloman website, all songs and artists are sorted alphabetically, foreign and domestic groups separately. Believe me, so much music you never listen to. Each letter of the alphabet will provide hundreds of performers of all ages and most unusual genres. It is also possible to search for an idol in the numbered alphabet, if the group name begins with a number, for example, like “12 stones” and “30 seconds to mars”.

Each song can be heard directly on the site, downloaded in mp3 format or added to a playlist. By the way, to manage the playlist you do not need to register on the site. You will automatically pass personalization using the social network Vkontakte.

Thanks to the service, you will not have problems with finding the right hit or singer. A convenient search string will help you find the desired tracks and free mp3 songs will be sent to your computer, phone or tablet in a split second.In addition, you can click on the microphone image and speak the words to search for the artist. The voice service recognizes parts of the query and displays the search results on the page. But this feature for the lazy is available only with a microphone.

If you have any problems or questions, and if there are any wishes or ideas, you can write a message to the administration of the service, using the appropriate button in the top corner of the menu.

Any composition can be shared with friends in social networks by classmates, facebook, facebook, twitter, mail.ru and google +. So your friends will have the opportunity to listen to the masterpieces you found and use the service for your own musical purposes.

The interface of the project is so pleasant and simple that from the first visit it will be clear how to use it so that you do not stay alone without your favorite music.

In addition to songs, you can listen to comedy programs. For example, if you need to cheer up a girl, find "95 quarter" and listen to a few brief humorous numbers. I think the mood will be set.

Moreover, the site contains poems and writings of some writers.For example, you can listen to Sergei Yesenin’s poems “Night,” “A Letter to a Woman,” and “Leaves Fall,” read by Sergey Bezrukov.

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