Fashionable hair coloring options

A woman rarely suits her appearance. We always want to change something. Most often suffer hair. Even psychologists recommend that in order to change your life you need to go to a hairdresser. And the more dramatically you change your hairstyle, the brighter changes will occur in life. That is why the hairdressing every day lined up for hair coloring.

But in order for the result to please you, you need to follow some recommendations. Make sure the master does everything right. Otherwise, in the case of getting a dreadful hair color, claims of course it will be possible to present it, but it is unlikely that you will feel any better.

How to do it without leaving home?

It is advisable to cut hair before dyeing. If your plans include only changing colors, not hairstyles, you still need to cut off the tips, this will help to get a uniform color range.

On the day of painting it is better not to use any cosmetics for hair. The head is better to wash the night before.This is due to the fact that hair cosmetics and hair dye are chemicals, and it is not known what reaction they will give when interacting with each other.

Do not neglect the test for allergies. Many do not, although in vain. You should not joke with paint. Just imagine how terrible your hair will be if you are allergic after applying paint to it. So lose the hair, you can.

It is desirable, before coloring hair, lubricate the forehead, ears, neck, fat cream. This will prevent the paint from soaking into these areas.

You can not keep the paint longer than the allotted time. The color does not work better, but the hair will damage the hair very much.

Hair coloring is a serious procedure. Refuse to perform this procedure at home. In the salon, refer only to a good, proven specialist. The paint must be from a reputable manufacturer. You need to experiment with color, not paint quality.

Personally, I prefer natural shades of hair, so think carefully before staining, because it is very difficult to get your hair color back.

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