Fans on the red carpet did not recognize the fans

The star was not similar to itself.

Who does not know the main "Revizorro" of the country, the star blonde Elena Flying? But, it turns out, it costs her a little bit to move away from her usual appearance, as fans do not recognize her.

Elena flew to the Kinotavr festival, in her own words, to support her friend, actress Anna Bachalova. The presenter visited several shows and, of course, walked along the red carpet of the festival. With a smooth hairstyle, hair almost dark in the sunset light, dark glasses and almost no makeup, she was really just unrecognizable! A simple short black jumpsuit, in which you could rather go on nature than on a social reception, also looked unusual.

Elena Flying
Photo: Andrey Kalmykov /

By the way, at the recent festival in Cannes, the Flying looked quite differently: laid blonde hair, elegant evening dresses ... But at least one positive change is evident.

On the Cote d'Azur, it was not stellar bow that drew everyone’s attention, but a tummy that stood out in a tight-fitting dress. Subscribers decided that the fault was delicious French cuisine and bakeries with the freshest croissants at every turn. But now Lena has demonstrated just the perfect figure and impeccably slender long legs.

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