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Hello. I can not find a way out of the situation. I learned that my husband was rewritten in social networks with a woman. The correspondence was a frank character, she invited him to visit. My question is who is it? He replied that he had no idea what I was asking, we quarreled. Then came the phrases I do not know her, we had nothing, I was not going to go to her. When I asked why it was necessary then to ask the address, he replied that for the sake of fun. The next day, he told me that he decided to pin her over with friends at work (sort of laughing at her). The same evening, he says she said that she broke her leg and she was bored. As a result, a lot of broken dishes (the first time I had this, it was just a splash of emotions - it was very painful). After some time, he asked for forgiveness, like lapping-lapping was reconciled, but he did not have confidence, although he assures that he has no one. Some time passes, he calls and says that he will be late, because asked to transport the dog. In the evening, he comes, I ask out of politeness and to support the conversation to whom the dog was transporting. He began to walk in quick steps back and forth and says, "How do I know?"I ask him "in the sense of not knowing, you were transporting" His answer "to a girl friend, my aunt from work." Naturally, my condition was indescribable, I didn�t know how to respond. As a result, it turned out he went with her home, took her dog and drove to some people with whom she negotiated and drove, the lady herself was at home. I ask him if it�s okay that a married man goes home to an unmarried woman, takes her dog and takes them to some people. If she needed to let a taxi and hired. His phrase was the following, "What is wrong with that?" Despite the fact that his mother asks him to take some boards out of the apartment for a whole year, my daughter asks me to fix the piano for the second year. I tell him and say it is not right to ride with unmarried women. I'm tired, I lost not only confidence in this man, but also respect and love. There is emptiness. And I can�t file a divorce, because he said that he would divide up the mortgage. I am sitting at home with a child (50 rubles per month), I will not pull 16,000 per month. Now I got a job for a side job but zp 5500. Tell me what is the way out of this situation. I drove him out. bags collected he does not leave. I ask him that you come here if you walk, leave. He is silent.Today I came home on my sweatshirt either from candy or cake, I didn�t understand, on the phone in 2Gis it was worth looking for a cafe, and before that a women�s store. I asked him what the stain was, he answered what stain? I do not know. I think if he had nothing to hide, he would have gone and looked, but her husband did not even move. It's hard from his lies. How can I find a way out of this situation? I just can not understand what I did this, that you can easily lead me that way. I am not rude, not dirty, I take care of children (we have three children, the eldest child of my husband from my first marriage - with me since 2 years), I try to bring some variety into our life, but he has the answer - I don�t like a cafe, Movies do not go - I download from the Internet. I just feel sorry for the years I spent on him. When we just got along with my husband, I lived 2 years) I was very in love with Pts and that person loved me very much. He asked me to go to him from her husband, there was no betrayal on my part. We were just strongly attracted to each other, I understood what love is (really at first glance it hit me like a current) But I could not, I felt sorry for the child and stayed with my husband. then, over time, I had a love for my husband, everything was fine with us, until August 2016 and now everything is getting worse and worse


Greetings to you, dear woman. I�ll be brief: just a divorce. You pull a mortgage, do not be afraid, plus he will pay child support. Understand that a loving person will never crush his wife and mother of her children with a ruble, not to mention an open relationship with another woman. Your husband scared you with a mortgage (this is disgusting, he is not just a man, not the father of the family, not the head of the family, not the husband!), And he took the dog, not hiding, but even defying, �what is there?� That is, he she was already familiar and was at home. Well, you are not small. A spouse doesn�t regret what she did and apologize I do not intend to. You understand? He doesn�t fall to his feet with shouts of �I'm sorry, I stumbled, I love you, I only need you alone,� but he intimidates me with a mortgage. My recommendation is: get a job, a child in kindergarten, parents, friends relatives. You don't live in the desert and now you really need support: both moral and material. I don't know if he can really hang a mortgage on you, it�s better to ask a lawyer a question. Tell the bank that you are bankrupt and you don�t work and raise a child, and you have nothing to pay, and your husband threatens you, humiliates, etc., say how he eats ! Just to confirm whether to sell the mortgage apartment possible, I think,that yes. There is always a way out. Do not turn into a slave, a masochist and an intimidated woman with low self-esteem. By what right does he behave like this? In such a way that you allowed it and continue to endure in the silliest hope that something will change. Alas, traitors do not change. Just if you do not leave, then you will get sick from offense, pain and humiliation, a matter of time. The suppressed emotions will not disappear, they, as a rule, cause cancer. So: think for yourself, decide for yourself, get sick or do not get sick. Already nothing will get better and certainly not as before. You yourself write- ustota! Do you want to live your life in a vacuum with a traitor? The choice is Vami.Udachi.


Thank you very much for the advice. You are right, it is not worth humiliating yourself in front of your daughters. Otherwise they will get the notion that this is the right relationship. I will do that.

Of course, I apologize, but after reading your story, I still ventured to give you advice. When did you last practice yourself? Seriously, did something for yourself, curled your hair, bought beautiful lingerie? With my, though not very large experience, I still know that men love with their eyes. I do not agree with Zlata that you need to divorce right away.I think you need to look for the cause in yourself. If a man "fell for" another woman, then it�s not just him. Sign up for courses, in the pool, get a fan (even if it will be just just the flowers you bought yourself). Start getting painted, dressed. A man will obviously see this and will start to think with his head �aha, it means that my wife has someone to go, we must show who is the boss in the house�. Do not hysterics, the man leaves the house where the scandals are, he goes to where he is given affection, warmth, care and most importantly tasty food!

Thanks for the advice. Only here I sit without money. There is neither cosmetics nor clothes. Even on the phone there is no money. If once in two months, put money on the phone 100 rubles. She settled into the home call center while the petite was 5,000 rubles, just enough to pay for the pool, food for her daughter at school and for gas to drive her to the music school. I hope to gain more experience will be more sn. I try to take care of myself, my hair is always in order, the clothes, although homemade, are old, but neat. Painted not what. I had to go to Oriflame as an extra income. Only how can you live with a person to whom there is no confidence?

I agree that we must act and not rush to divorce.But even beautiful and well-groomed men offend. Let him contain children, not you. Be selfish

There was a difficult life situation. I changed my husband and went to his mistress.

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run away from him, saying how a man will meet another, and time don�t regret that it�s past that you don�t have to turn back in the past you gave a chance

Yes, of course, the situation is not at all funny, but I believe that there will be nothing here

As regards mortgages, I was also very much hurt by the rumor, I also do not think this is courageous, and I also advise you to clarify how mortgages can be in the end. If anything, and about here you can get legal advice.�- which is very convenient and free of charge by the way, so that you understand the future. Well, it's hard for me to answer, how do you act, it's bad when all the same in the family.

Leave and change any women. The period of parting is very painful. You have 3 children. Once I met such a woman, she left him children)))) the men immediately realize that it is awful to stay with the children myself. And she left. In addition, in large families, men change, but do not want to leave because of the burden of responsibility for the children. The advice is this. Imagine the reasons, leave the kids in the morning on the weekends, and go away yourself and don�t confess that you are doing this on purpose. Divorce or not. It is not right to advise. Maybe he horns ???? And then decide for yourself.But he obviously started a double game, and this is obvious;

Yes, you definitely need to stop playing detective and take care of yourself and the baby. if it is not possible to move somewhere, just abstract and take the time to yourself to the maximum, you can also be like dates. dating sites to help, only carefully, there is a chance to run into inadequate. but to raise self-esteem this means beautiful. Tell your husband that you got a job, ask for help with the children.

I thought that such things would never happen to me, because everything was fine, life was adjusted, life was arranged. But, alas, my husband left me, and I still cannot accept this and put up with it. Two months have passed. All this time I tried to do something, somehow overcome the unbearable, heartache of parting, rethink and realize what happened, but all my efforts were not crowned with success. And I really wanted him to come back to me, so that we would have a new trusting relationship. Sorry for the children who ask about dad, and I don `t know what to say to them. I can�t lie about eternal business trips. Still, he is my husband, I love him, and we have a lot in common. A friend advised me to contact Olga Alexandrovna.Happiness has no limits. The husband began to call and make appointments. Our relationship has improved. On her husband was a love spell. Thanks to Olga Alexandrovna. 89284092628.

I thought, like everyone else, my family will never touch this trouble. Oh, how much I was wrong. it so happened that her husband was transferred to another city, I, like all wives, followed him. There are no children, except for things there is nothing. So we left. Like a new life, a different climate, people and vodka damn it. It all started with dating co-workers. That one will invite to visit, the other, then it was over with or without. How much I did not talk to him, it was all confused. Already it came to the point that they wanted to dismiss him from work for absenteeism, as he did not appear during the days of drinking and at work. I accidentally found out about Olga Alexandrovna and without hesitation went to her. She made a cuff from drunkenness. The husband immediately changed. Everything worked out, he hasn't been drinking for half a year. And already talking about the birth of an heir, and I am very glad. I think I�ll go back to Olga Alexandrovna again for the amulet for our family. Thank you Olga Alexandrovna.

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