Extract from the house book is taken simply

Extract from the house book is taken simplyHouse book is one of the main documents related to the ownership of real estate. It includes all information concerning those who live or have lived earlier at this address and have been registered there. In some cases, an extract from the home book may be required. What kind of document is it, who can get an extract from the house book and where do you find out from this material.

What is an extract from the house book?

Real estate transactions, there are many:

  • Sales transactions;
  • Rent;
  • Exchange;
  • Accession to the rights of inheritance;
  • Registration gift;
  • and other contracts.

For each of these operations, the legislation provides for a specific list of documents and the procedure for their execution. The same legislation includes such a thing as an extract from the house book. What is the book itself, know, probably, everything. But this document can be heard for the first time.Extract from the house book is taken simply

An extract from the house book is, in simple terms, a certificate in which the necessary information about registered and discharged residents of a house or apartment is transferred.

This document has another subspecies - archive.The need for archival information arises in cases where real estate is purchased from the secondary market. Archive help has an expanded version. Absolutely all information about all tenants from the moment of building a house or commissioning an apartment to the present moment is entered here. This extract from the house book provides an opportunity to insure yourself as a buyer against fraud and possible encroachment on the newly acquired property from former tenants.

Extract from the house book: where to get it?

The answer to this question is simple - it all depends on the information about which object you are interested in. Depending on the nature of the object, the place where the reference is received is different, and the place where the house book itself is stored may differ. If this is a private house, then the book is in the hands of the owner, and for help you need to contact the passport office at the location of the object or the Bureau of Technical Inventory (BTI). In the case of an apartment, the document is not stored on hand, but in the housing office. There and go for help.

If you do not have time to go hiking in state institutions, you can contact intermediaries,which in this case are private lawyers who are ready to make a request and advise who issues an extract from the house book and how it can be obtained.Extract from the house book is taken simply

How to get an extract from the house book

Having dealt with where to take an extract from the house book, you can follow her. Just remember the basic rule - the term of this document is limited. And if you want to prepare it a month earlier than the required period, such a certificate will not be accepted, because it is valid for only two weeks. Then you have to go to make out all over again.

You also need to remember that if you are not registered at this address or do not have rights to this object, then you may be denied the issuance of a certificate.

The set of documents for this procedure is quite small:Extract from the house book is taken simply

  • Passport;
  • A statement that you write on the spot;
  • A receipt certifying your payment of the state fee for the execution of this document;
  • Also, it will not be superfluous to take a title deed - ownership or lease agreement.

The maximum waiting time for help is a week. If you do not need an archive version, then even less.

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