Ethiop, Skeletor and Pitbull: baby nicknames of stars found out how, in childhood, they teased those whom they decided to admire.

Each of us had a nickname in school or on the playground. Celebrities, of course, also did not become an exception ...

Mariah Carey

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One of the most vocally gifted pop singers was not the wise, rather the opposite. She so seldom appeared at school that when she did come, she was taken for an optical illusion, which is why the future star received such a nickname (rather beautiful than offensive) - Mirage.

Keanu Reeves

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It’s sinful for an actor to complain about his own childish nickname because he could be proud of him. Keanu was fond of hockey, and for his success in protecting his own goal, teammates called him the Wall.

Jennifer Lawrence

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In the “Hunger Games” series of films, the actress played almost herself because in childhood she was notable for heightened love of active sports, in other words, she was a typical girl, and very energetic and sociable. Therefore, her nickname was appropriate - Nitro.Let us explain: this is such a system using nitrous oxide to give the car engine extra power. Moral: you hang out with the boys - and get a nickname kid.

Christina Orbakaite

Ethiop, Skeletor and Pitbull: baby nicknames of stars
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The disproportionately long nose of the future singer did not give rest to her peers - the nickname, respectively, was fabulous, but offensive - Pinocchio. As Christina later recalled, she dreamed of her whole youthfulness to get rid of him, but eventually she underwent plastic surgery for medical reasons, and at the same time improved her appearance.

Tatyana Vasilyeva

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The actress has a peculiar appearance, which, of course, could not fail to note stinging peers, teasing the future celebrity with the tower and asking to “get the little sparrow”. “These were terrible insults,” Tatiana said in an interview. - I walked slouching, head down. I was terribly sorry for myself! I, for example, have a big body and a small head. But at the same time I allow myself to shave almost bald. And I also have a long nose and, let's say, a peculiar figure. But I am grateful to God that he gave me even this. ”

Vin Diesel

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Looking at this brutal muscular hero of militants, it is difficult to imagine that in childhood he was teased by a Worm. And yet it was so - because of the longevity and thinness of the figure. “In childhood I was a rather ugly kid,” the actor told me in an interview. However, childhood has passed and there is no shortage of fans in Vin now.

Andrey Grigoriev-Apollon

Ethiop, Skeletor and Pitbull: baby nicknames of stars
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The soloist of the Ivanushki International group, according to him, didn’t take offense at most of the children's nicknames, except for one thing - he didn’t like it when Rusty started teasing him. “These were mainly derived from the surname or hair color. Here in my school there were two nicknames: Red and by last name - Grisha, Grinya, Grieg ... And in the creative and theatrical places where I had the honor to engage, I was called Apolloshey. In the camp pogonyalovo Director, Spark was, "- recalled the singer.

Ani Lorak

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The real name of the singer - Caroline, not the most common in Ukraine. However, the peers of the future artist easily coped with this task, renaming it Rabbit. The case was “helped” by the fact that Lorac, as a child, was the first to have large front teeth, and she herself began to resemble a little bit the hare.

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