Elena Sever: "Accidents are not accidental"

She could become a successful economist, and become a successful actress. She brought up two beautiful sons, she acted in film. He is friends with Gerard Depardieu and sings with Stas Mikhailov. And also leads the famous festival "White Nights of St. Petersburg."

- Friends since childhood called me the North - from the name "Severgin". I decided: this is a great stage name. There is also a connection with Petersburg, which is called the North Palmyra. Many have said that the nickname does not suit me, I am not at all cold. Iosif Kobzon even once asked: "Why is the North, not the South?" But I believe: each name carries certain information.

Photo: from the personal archive of Elena Sever

As a child she studied music, gymnastics, played in children's performances and at school concerts. The mom the economist and the dad the scientist believed that the girl should move well and sing. But deep down I dreamed of a professional scene. Although I liked studying at a financial and economic institute. If nothing had changed, I probably would have been in the profession of financier.But all accidents are not accidental.

At the first White Nights of St. Petersburg festival, I met a famous producer, whom I later married. I began to live by his interests, to listen to the music that was close to him, I sang at home, accompanying myself. When the children were growing up, she organized home concerts with their participation. The husband once said: “Why do not you make a solo career? You're good at it. ” And I took the chance.

Elena Sever and Aleksey Vorobyov at the White Nights festival
Photo: from the personal archive of Elena Sever

It is foolish to refuse what fate gives. First there were shootings in videos, then I became an interviewer, then I went on stage, soon began to conduct concerts, and only then television and cinema appeared in my life.

I am not a fussy person, and for me Petersburg is incredibly comfortable. The city gives nourishment, with age I feel it more and more.

Photo: from the personal archive of Elena Sever

I love Rossi Street, where Vaganovsky College. These places are transferred to childhood, when I looked at the girls in the windows of the ballet school. She dreamed of being a ballerina, but not destiny: she was selected, and at the last moment her mother changed her mind. Apparently, she felt something. Now I do ballet, but for myself.

I love Rubinstein Street, we live there. When children were born, she loved to walk with a stroller in the Catherine's Garden. Bank Bridge recalls student years and our dates with my husband. My childhood is connected with the River Station and the Kurakina cottage - she lived nearby, and the school was nearby. I love to go back there, although much has changed.

What:festival “White Nights of St. Petersburg” (6+)

When:July 20, 21, 22, 7 pm

Where:Ice Palace, Pyatiletk Ave., 1, Prospect Bolshevikov Metro Station.

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