Electronic Cigarette: Harm or Benefit

Electronic Cigarette: Harm or BenefitThe desire to quit smoking occurs in heavy smokers with every bout of morning coughing or buying another pack of cigarettes. But several years ago, invented disposable electronic cigarettes, the harm from which can be much less when compared with classical tobacco.

Electronic Cigarette: Use

However, the possibility of harm from smoking electronic cigarettes has not yet been fully studied, but now doctors confirm the fact that the nicotine content in electronic analogues is much less than in classical tobacco.

They say that the harm of electronic cigarettes for others is an absolute myth. You can conduct an elementary comparison. When smoking classic cigarettes, people around with smoke receive a considerable dose of harmful substances, and sometimes this dose is much higher than that which enters the smoker’s body. But what harm does the electronic cigarette bring? In fact, every smoker when smoking an electronic analogue exhales only ordinary steam, which in no way can affect the person sitting next to him.

Harm of electronic cigarettes is not proved. In the capsules found only the following ingredients:

- glycerin;
Propylene glycol;
- nicotine.

The first two substances are completely harmless, they are even added in the manufacture of products. As for nicotine, then, for example, Pons - electronic disposable cigarettes cause minimal harm. The amount of nicotine in the capsule is much less when compared with a regular cigarette, and nicotine is not mixed with tobacco tar. There is also an electronic cigarette without nicotine, the harm from which will not be at all. The smoker still smokes, but nicotine stops flowing to the body.

Does the electronic cigarette harm?

However, there are supporters of the idea that e-cigarettes are just as harmful as regular ones. Disputes on the topic of "Electronic cigarette: harm or benefit" have been going on since the invention of the device, and here are the conclusions reached by opponents of this method of smoking:

- smokers lack the sensation of smoke, smoke breaks become more frequent, and an excess of nicotine enters the body;

- Do e-cigarettes harm cigarettes when smoking nicotine-free capsules? Here, opponents of such devices found Chinese fakes, which still add a certain amount of nicotine.

- e-nicotine is contraindicated for the same groups of people who are contraindicated for regular cigarettes, although manufacturers did not consider it necessary to mention this fact.

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