Dream Interpretation: what does it mean to see cockroaches in a dream?

Agree that it is unpleasant to see the fact of a cockroach in a dream? If there are a lot of them, then the picture looks like a real nightmare. But is it worth to be afraid of such night dreams? Or a similar image does not carry anything terrible? Dreamers will be able to understand this. Below you will find various interpretations of such a dream, in which all sorts of trifles are of great importance. So try to remember as much as possible all the details of what you see in order to better interpret this and draw conclusions for the future.

According to the Modern Dream Book

Interpret what cockroaches are to be shot, according to the Modern dream book. According to him, insects, seen in a dream, do not promise good. A huge insect - to anxiety and unrest. You will be pursued by an obsessive thought that will deprive the dreamer of peace and exhaust him not only morally, but also physically. However, you will soon realize that all the commotion turned out to be empty and unjustified.

See yourself entering into a dark room,in which, when the light is turned on, cockroaches scatter in different directions, to the abandonment of dubious amusements and pleasures for the good of themselves, since this can bring substantial harm to health or reputation.

Catch cockroaches or poison them - to the hassle. It is especially interesting to treat a dream in which the number of insects only increases as you get rid of them. Such a vision means an increase in responsibilities in your life. But they will all be very helpful to you.

According to the dream book Hasse

Cockroaches are dreaming, according to interpreter Hasse, a good sign. He can promise the dreamer:

  • good luck;
  • sudden receipt of money;
  • winnings and prizes;
  • lottery success.

On a note! But if you dreamed of a bug in food, it means envy, and, in its most negative manifestations.

According to Tsvetkov's dream book

If you decide to use the interpreter Tsvetkov to interpret your dream, then keep in mind that such an image predicts the arrival of a generous and rich guest.

According to Miller's dream book

If you dream of a cockroach, then the Miller dream book offers to interpret this as not a bad sign. However, hope for prosperity and happiness in the near future is not worth it.To get the most complete picture, you need to consider:

  • the number of insects;
  • their sizes;
  • your actions.

If the cockroaches were in the food - to the small troubles and petty troubles, which you allow in two accounts.

A lot of insects that crawl around you - sleep predicts difficulty. Most of the problems will be related to work, career and business. But with all the problems you can do well. Your efforts will be rewarded a hundredfold. Increase or material encouragement in your pocket.

There is another meaning in dreams related to cockroaches. If you dream that you are catching insects - a sign that you are afraid of making decisions, because your life and future directly depend on it.

To poison or in other ways to destroy cockroaches - threatens with vanity and experiences, but pleasant. Troubles will be harbingers of something long-awaited and joyful.

Note! If you dream of a terrible dream, how you eat cockroaches, it speaks about the harmful habits and weaknesses that you carefully hide from your surroundings.

According to the French dream book

Often to see from outside cockroaches in the French dream book means the appearance in life of an ally, close friend, helper, soul mate.Insect crawling on your leg - a sign of danger. Use caution, especially when you are outdoors or in public. Many cockroaches - to the guests.

On a note! Pay attention to exactly what day cockroaches dream. To see them in the nightly dreams on the night from Monday to Tuesday can be interpreted as the atonement of guilt and mistakes made in the past.

According to the dream of Longo

To see a cockroach in a dream is a waste of time. You spend too much on empty cases and completely unnecessary activities. Stop and think about what you really need.

A whole bunch of live insects denotes anxiety. Your subconscious is filled with a lot of fears. Most of them are related to the fact that you are afraid of losing your property. Dreams of such a plan are a kind of warning for a person. Do not be afraid. Live the present and enjoy it!

Note! Killing Prusaks in their sleep is a sign of deliverance from all anxieties and fears. Insects themselves in this context are the image of danger.

According to Freud's dream book

Freud's dream interpretation is a special category of interpreters of night dreams.It reflects the most secret and base desires of people, based on sex. Cockroaches are a symbol of children. If you dream about watching bugs with pleasure, it means that you are ready for the birth of children.

Hunt them or destroy - a symbol of pedophilia. Dead insects promise intimate impotence, the impossibility of conceiving children and experiences associated with these issues.

According to the dream book Meneghetti

An interesting interpretation of such night dreams gives the dream book Meneghetti. It gives insects negative energy. Accordingly, such dreams can not wait for good news and joyful events.

Cockroaches are a symbol of energy vampirism. In a close environment there is a person who "eats" someone else's energy. He dreams that a cockroach is creeping inside a person, a symbol of the fact that this person is bad, and his intentions are evil.

According to the dream book of Aesop

Many different interpretations of such dreams are given by Aesop's dream book. But the main thing is that there is no need to wait for the bad. The main interpretation of what he saw is a symbol of financial well-being. You can expect:

  • lottery winnings;
  • receiving prizes, generous gifts;
  • salary increases;
  • other material incentives.

On a note! Moreover, the big bug - big prizes and money, small - the opposite is true.

If you are dreaming how you are fighting with cockroaches in your house or apartment with all sorts of ways - to abandon your own plans and intentions. Otherwise, the situation will get out of control and turn out badly for you.

Catch cockroaches - the desire to preserve the family and home peace, order, harmony. Slam the cockroach on the table - to receive a decent reward for all their efforts and efforts.

To see a dead bug is a bad sign. He foreshadows a dismal end for you. Kill the cockroach yourself - wait for the good news. White parasite - to forgery, deception, disappointment, sadness. A large insect attacks the dreamer - in the struggle for the interests of the family and its well-being. A few black bugs - to an event that will affect your future not in the most pleasant way. Wait for intrigue and delays in affairs. Red Prusak fell on you - to the fulfillment of the cherished dream.

According to Wangi's dream book

Cockroaches are a bad sign, promising vain efforts, adversities, difficulties. Dead tarakashki - to overcome the problems and obstacles on the way. All the trouble and failure behind, and you can exhale.

Live red bugs are useless efforts and unnecessary promises that are not destined to keep. Do not trust others. Wait for help and support is not necessary. I have to rely exclusively on myself. Try not to discuss your plans and intentions with strangers.

Living and dead bugs throughout the apartment mixed in a dream - a crucial situation that will be decisive in fate.

Catching cockroaches - to obtain material benefits and good profits. Such an interpretation can be given to very large parasites and individuals crawling up the wall.

Black cockroaches (especially when accompanied by spiders) - to the appearance of bad people in a team who will constantly weave intrigues and build machinations.

White Prusaks - to the emergence of a foe and a hypocrite in your surroundings.

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