“Draft” and 7 more films about parallel reality

One day, a young man, Kirill, discovers that he is being erased from his own life. The apartment now belongs to a lady, his name has disappeared from all databases, parents and friends do not recognize in person. Now Kirill is ready to become an immortal frontier guard whose mission is to discover other worlds.

"The night Watch"

“Dozor”, shot by Timur Bekmambetov based on the books of Sergey Lukyanenko, became cult, spawned a crowd of fans and even now kept the trigger points: mitts, like Khabensky, an ominous spider pups, exploding under the wheels of the red Mazda, glass of the Cosmos hotel , beautiful vampire Alice-Zhanna ...


The story is about how Thomas Anderson turned into Chosen Neo and realized that the usual reality is only a simulation.
In 1999, the fantastic blockbuster The Matrix became Wachowski for many philosophical insights, and even now we sometimes remember the rule: “Do not try to bend the spoon. It's impossible. First you need to understand the main thing: the spoon does not exist. "

“First player get ready”

In the film by Steven Spielberg based on the book by Ernest Klein, virtual reality is brighter, richer and more fascinating than life in a slum.
The boy Wade Watts spends a lot of time in the virtual OASIS game, trying to find the hidden keys, Easter eggs. Once upon a time, Oasis made a brilliant Jim Holliday. Before his death, he left a will, according to which the one who finds all the keys he hid will gain control over the virtual universe.


Fantastic thriller by Christopher Nolan about the fact that the human subconscious is the same rabbit pit in which Alice fell.
Leonardo DiCaprio plays a unique specialist in the design of new worlds in another's subconscious. He can confuse a sleeping man so cleverly that he will reveal all the secrets.
One day, the hero receives a complex order for the extraction of corporate information, in the final fulfillment of which he himself is not sure which world is around him: a simulacrum or a real one.

Donnie Darko

The film of the 2001 director debutant Richard Kelly is still in the status of the cult. A misanthropic schoolboy Donnie Darko (Jake Gyllenhaal), visiting a psychologist, one day follows the ominous rabbit, which reveals the date of the end of the world.What is happening only hallucinations, and that - the parallel universe, can not be accurately determined. One thing is clear: it is not easy to live in a quiet teenager when a space-time continuum opens up around it.


The film is directed by Gary Ross, in which the parallel reality is the emasculated ideal world of the 50s series.
Shy boy David (Tobey Maguire) loves the old TV show "Pleasantville", where the world is clear and predictable and where it is so easy to be a good person. The telemaster, conjuring over the floundering console, in fantastic way shoves David and his nasty popular sister (Reese Witherspoon) straight into this retro serial. There, David realizes that it is not so bad to be able to push the frame and give rise to feelings.

"Butterfly Effect"

Evan (Ashton Kutcher) returns to some moments of his past with the help of children's diaries. In childhood, he had many painful moments that Evan manages to change.

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