Sound do-it-yourself sound pickup

The scheme presented in this article is very easy to repeat and should not cause any difficulties in the assembly. It can be used in various devices for sound notification. For example, an alarm, sound duplication of a turn signal in a car or a bicycle, a signal that a battery is discharged, and so on. Of course, you can take a ready-made beeper, for example, from an old Chinese alarm clock, music postcard or other devices, but I decided to make it myself with my own hands. So it's more interesting. Another goal of the assembly is to popularize the interest of young people in radio electronics. If this site is able to captivate at least a few people with such an interesting and good thing, then their task can be considered accomplished. The scheme took a simple, but tested. I don't even remember where I got it from.

Scheme of the sound piezo transmitter

Sound piezo-emitter with your own hands

Parts for building a sound circuit

Details for the circuit can be used in a very wide range. For example, La7 microcircuits from series K176, K164, K564, K561 or K561LE5 or imported analogues. In order not to solder and solder the microcircuit, it is best to take a special contact pad and solder it into the circuit (worth a penny), and replacing the microcircuit will take a second, and during the soldering there is no risk that the microcircuit will overheat or damage static electricity. In addition, you can easily test different brands of chips for performance. Capacitor C1 is polar for a voltage of at least 15 volts and with a capacity from 47 to 500 microfarads. If you want the buzzer to immediately stop after switching off the power, then this capacitor should be excluded, otherwise after turning off the power, the sound continues until the condenser is discharged. Ceramic capacitor C2 is 0.1 to 0.47 microfarad. They are indicated by numbers on the cover - 104, 154, 224, 474. Resistor R1 from 5 to 50 kilo ohms. Any power, but less is better. To ensure that the dimensions were not large. Potentiometer R2 from 68 to 500 kilo Ohms. The power is also smaller. The diode can be used at all, any you like. It is used to protect the IC from improper power connections. You can do without it at all.
Do-It-Yourself Sound Piezo Sounder
ZP-3 Sound Emitter or any similar.

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