Do it and your washing machine will never break

Washing machine is one of the items of household appliances, which rarely pay attention in the household. Nevertheless, care of the washing machine should be regular to avoid the appearance of mold, odor and scale.

That's why we decided to share with you an easy recipe for detergent for home use, which is not inferior to the expensive maintenance of household appliances.

How to clean your own washing machine:


2 teaspoons of vinegar 70% of the essence and another 1/4 cup (for cleaning the drum);
1/4 cup baking soda (which you use for baking);
1/4 cup of water 100 grams;
ordinary sponge for washing dishes.

Mode of application:

1. Mix the water and baking soda in a separate container, and pour it in 2 spoonfuls of acetic essence.

2. Pour the mixture of baking soda, water and vinegar into the detergent compartment and add 1/4 cup of vinegar to the drum.

3Start the washing machine in the washing mode, select the highest temperature from the possible degrees, she will do the rest herself.

4. After the program is completed, using a regular sponge from the dish, remove the remaining moisture and dirt from the seal cover. Rinse with clean water.

For best results, we recommend washing the washing machine once a month. Thus, you will be sure that the machine will not break from the scale, and will serve you longer.

And a small bonus: error codes of famous models of washing machines!

Electrolux / Zanussi:

E11 - No water is poured into the tank.

E22 - Water does not drain.

E31 / E32 / E33 / E34 - Rasynchronization of water level sensors.

E41 / E42 / E43 / E44 / E45 - Error locking system lock.

E51 - Error triac drive motor.

E52 - Tachogenerator error.

E53 - Error in the engine management system.

E54 - Malfunction of the controller relay.

E61 - The time limit for heating water has been exceeded.

E62 - Excess temperature in the tank acceptable values.

E63 - Error heating during drying. Insufficient heating.

E64 - Error heating during drying. Exceeding the allowed value.

Indesit / Ariston:

F01 - Short circuit in the control circuit of the drive motor drive.
F02 - Open in the control circuit in the section "engine - tachogenerator".

F03 - Error in the heater control circuit.

F04 - Incorrect operation of the water level sensor.

F05 - Error in the drain pump circuit.

F06 - Error in the control panel circuit.

F07 - Incorrect operation of the heater.

F08 - Error in heating water.

F09 - Power Error.

F10 - Level sensor error - no signal.

F11 - Error in the "processor - drain pump" circuit. No signal.

F12 - Error in the circuit in the section "processor - mode selector".

F13 - Drying control circuit error.

F14 - Error in the power circuit of the dryer. Does not start.

F15 - Error in the power circuit of the dryer. Does not turn off.

F17 - The hatch is not closed.

F18 - CPU Error.

Bosch / Siemens:

F01 - Failure of loading hatch.

F02 - No water enters the drum.

F03 - Water does not drain.

F04 - Tank leakage on the pallet.

F16 - Do not close the boot.

F17 - The time limit for filling the tank with water is exceeded.

F18 - The time limit for draining the water is exceeded.

F19 - Error while heating.

F20 - Unauthorized heater start.

F21 - Drive motor error.

F22 - Temperature sensor error.

F23 - Activated mode "Aquastope".

F25 - Water quality sensor error.

F26 - Pressure Sensor Error.

F27 - Pressure sensor not calibrated.

F28 - Pressure sensor error when polling systems.

F29 - Flow error.

F31 - Water level error. Exceeding the maximum allowed value.

F34 - Error hatch door.

F36 - Error in the control circuit of the locking mechanism.

F37 / F38 - Temperature sensor defective.

F40 - Power supply parameters do not correspond to normal values.

F42 - Engine speed exceeded maximum permissible value.

F43 - No drum rotation.

F44 - No rotation of the engine in one of the sides. Reverse error.

F59 - 3D Sensor Error.

F60 - Incoming pressure error.

F61 - Error door when polling systems.

F63 - Security Error.

F67 - Invalid card code.

E02 - Faulty motor.

E67 - Error of the main module.


RE - Water level sensor defective.

FE - Excess water in working tank.

dE - The hatch is not tightly closed or is not closed.

IE - It is impossible to get water in the tank.

OE - Water cannot be drained, the problem is in the filter or the hose.

UE - Drum balancing disturbed, drum defective.

tE - Temperature error.

LE - The locking mechanism is damaged or faulty.

CE - Drive motor overload.

E3 - Unable to determine the download.

AE - The system can not turn off the washing machine automatically.

E1 - Water leaking into the pan.

HE - Heating of water is not possible, the heater is defective.

SE - Drive motor cannot be switched.


E 1 - The water set was made with an error.

E 2 - Error in the process of draining water from the car.

E 3 - Overflow of the machine with water while typing.

DE / DOOR - The problem of locking the hatch.

E 4 - The total mass of loaded things for washing does not match the mode.

E5 / E6 - Error during heating.

E 7 - Error while testing the water level sensor in the washing machine tank.

E 8 - Error in the water intake temperature.

E 9 - Water leakage.


E01 - There is no signal from the hatch lock system.

E02 - Error filling the tank with water.

E03 - Error when draining water.

E04 - Error when filling the tank with water. Excess of admissible level.

E05 - Error filling water.

E06 - No signal from the “empty tank” sensor 10 minutes after draining the water.

E07 - Leakage of water in the pan.

E08 - Error network settings.

E09 - A lot of foam.

E11 - Triac lock error.

E21 - Drive motor error.

E22 - Drive motor error. Abnormal job Arbitrary actuation

E31 - Short circuit in the temperature sensor circuit.

E32 - No signal from the temperature sensor.

E42 - Error locking mechanism of the hatch.

E52 - Memory Error.


F1 - Rush in the temperature sensor circuit.

F2 - Excess of a temporary limit on a water set.

F31 - No signal from the tachogenerator.

F32 - Engine Error.

F4 - Excess of a temporary limit on water heating.

F41 - Error while heating water. Exceeded temperature limit.

F43 - Error heating. Too rapid increase in water temperature.

F5 - Error in draining the water.

F61 - Spin error.

F63 - Error in the "motor - controller" circuit.


E01 - The locking device of the hatch is faulty.

E02 - Water can not be poured.

E03 - Water drainage cannot be carried out.

E04 - Water level too high.

E05 - Problems with the temperature sensor.

E07 - Faulty tachogenerator.

E09 - Error drive motor.


E01 - No signal to close the hatch.

E02 - The time of filling the working tank exceeded 2 minutes.

E03 - Water drainage took more than 1.5 minutes.

E04 / E05 - Problems with loading water.

E06 - Problems with water discharge.

E07 - Water leakage into the pan.

E08 - Power supply not correct.

E11 - Malfunction in the hatch lock system.

E21 - Problems in the drive drive system.

E22 - Unauthorized rotation of the drive engine.

E31 / E32 - Temperature sensor malfunction.

E42 - After completion of the washing, the hatch is blocked for more than 2 minutes.


F01 - Failure in the water inlet system (low or no inlet).

F02 - AquaStop triggered.

F03 - There is no discharge of water

F04 - Slow heating of water or heating is completely absent.

F05 - Temperature sensor does not work.

F06 - No tacho signal.

F07 - Malfunction of the engine control circuit.

F08 - Heater breakdown.

F09 - High water level in the tank.

F10 - The engine is not spinning.

F11 - Communication failure.

F12 - There is no water heating in the tank.

F13 - No water enters the tank or flows very slowly.

F14 - Errors in the control system.

F15 - Motor malfunction.

F16 - Control system failure or failure.

F18 - Bad washing powder.

F19 - Incorrect operation of the power system.

F20 - Controller failure - non-execution of commands.

F21 - Failure of the controller.

F22 - No water flows through the detergent tray. No water heating.

F23 - Simultaneous signals "empty tank" and "full tank" from the water filling system.

F24 - Long (over 60 sec.) Signal of tank overflow.

F26 - The engine has stopped its rotation.

F27 - The engine rotates in one direction only.

F28 - After any washing cycle, the engine rotates slowly or does not start at all.

F31 - Failure of software update via the Internet.

FDL - Lock failure of the hatch.

FDU - Loose closure of the loading hatch.

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