Dmitry Nagiyev hid his brother

All the secrets now revealed the son of an actor Cyril.
Family Dmitry Nagiyev
Kirill Nagiyev with his uncle
Photo: Instagram

Dmitry Nagiyev’s 25-year-old son Kirill is also an actor, but, unlike his father, leads a more open life. He actively uses social networks and often tells interesting details about himself and his relatives. So, yesterday a young man published a photo with his uncle, his father's brother, on Instagram.

“My dear uncle, father's brother, successful businessman, crazy racer, athlete and just a man!” - Kirill Nagiyev signed the publication.

The microblog subscribers were puzzled, because very few people knew that Dmitry Nagiyev has a brother! However, most agreed on the opinion that they are very similar in appearance.

By the way, some time ago, Kirill Nagiyev wantedregister your father on Instagram. And even argued with him. But, most likely, the dispute was lost, since Dmitry never appeared in the microblog.

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