DIY Quilling

Among all sorts of hobbies and hobbies, lovers of needlework should pay attention to the crafts of paper. You can decorate postcards and albums with beautiful colors of colored paper, as well as use them in mixed scrapbooking techniques or decorate them for decoupling.

Quilling, or art paper circulation, is the manufacture of compositions from thin strips of paper, twisted in a special way into spirals. They are given a special form, they get original modules for quilling, and already from them are built flat or three-dimensional images: pictures, postcards, photo frames, figurines, etc.

The pleasant moment is that this kind of needlework does not require extra costs. However, a beginner needs to master the skills of torsion and creating modules for compositions. This is a passion for tidy and assiduous people. Quilling in English means a bird feather. These “feathers” are the notorious modules for compositions. To start the work will not need significant costs,tools and materials are not expensive at all, and they will not have to specially equip the workplace. So, for work you will need: Strips of colored paper of different widths. It is better to purchase special sets of quilling strips. They are exactly cut and packed in colors. Most often these are ribbons of 3,4,6, 10 mm. Special device for torsion of strips. With it, the actual production of spiral paper will be made. It is just a wand 10cm long, at the end of which a tapestry needle with a large eye is attached. It is easier to buy a ready-made tool or a trowel. They are sold in handicraft shops. You will also need tweezers. You can buy it, for example, in a pharmacy or a store, it should be tweezers with flat ends. With it, the finished element is held when the glue is applied to it, and then glued to the base. The scissors for quilling should be small in size, well polished with sharp tips, then it will be convenient for them to work with small parts. and the usual line. It is used to measure the length of paper tape. Still need toothpicks to apply glue to the workpiece.A regular glue tube has a spout with a hole, the glue is squeezed out more than is needed for thin edges of paper, so they use toothpicks. White PVA glue. It leaves no residue after drying. For the base, suitable cardboard, white or colored cardboard can always be bought at the stationery store. A tool for trimming the fringe. Many models are decorated with details with a fringe, for an even trimming a special device is required, it is bought in the salons of goods for needlework. Stencil. Stencil for blanks is a ruler with round holes of different diameter. These rulers are sold in stationery stores. The easiest way to buy in the store is a ready set of tools for quilling, this will eliminate the need to make the tools yourself.

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