Dishwasher needs cleaning too: 5 tips on how to do it

The dishwasher will make life easier for any hostess. Even if you live alone, be sure to appreciate the opportunity not to wash the dishes with his hands. But this device, which is constantly in contact with various foods in a warm humid environment, must be cleaned in order to prevent the growth of bacteria. In addition, tap water in some apartments is very tough and leaves a limescale on the details of the machine. Do not allow the formation of mold and mildew, clean the machine on time! For this, it is not necessary to buy expensive household chemicals. Just follow these simple guidelines, and the machine will last for years.

1. Clean hard-to-reach areas with a toothbrush.

Some places in the machine are not washed during the standard cycle of operation, which makes them more likely to cause mold and mildew.Periodically process with an old toothbrush around the bases of the rotating guides, in the place where the seals and gaskets fit. Use ordinary soapy water for cleaning. If the mold has already formed, apply 3% hydrogen peroxide solution on the problem areas and do not wash it off for several hours.

2. Clean the machine from limescale

Periodically arrange your typewriter one simple procedure. To get started, start a long cycle of work by placing a cup with vinegar in an empty machine. After the machine has finished, remove the cup and sprinkle the whole surface with baking soda. Start the machine for another long cycle of work. After that, most of the limescale is dissolved, and the machine can be used again. Clean at least once a month, and you do not have to spend money on expensive tools and repairs.

3. Clean the filter every week

Be sure to read the instructions for your typewriter, and find how to remove and install the filter. For the machine to work properly, it should be washed at least once a week. In those days when the machine was seriously loaded, for example during holidays, you can do it even more often. A crowded filter will cause the machine to malfunction and even break it.Clean the filter with dishwashing detergent (not necessarily intended for typewriters), and rinse with good water pressure. Do not forget to return the filter to the machine.

4. Add essential oils

Such a tool will help to restore a good smell in a typewriter and save its camera from staleness. Unlike industrial rinses, oils are environmentally friendly and do not harm health. If you use oils from citrus plants, such as orange, lemon and mandarin, this will further dissolve the fat on the grates. Add a few drops while cleaning the machine with soda and vinegar, or right during the dishwashing cycle.

5. Check the place under the filter.

Not only the filter itself, but also the place in which it is located is clogged with debris. Be sure to lift the grill and eliminate inaccessible places from food debris. If you have not looked in there before, be very surprised by how much dirt accumulates on the bottom of the machine. Clean the entire surface with a slurry of soda and vinegar, and leave the mixture for 20 minutes. Wipe all parts with a clean sponge. If there are stains, repeat the procedure again.

Help your typewriter stay clean, and it will save you from unnecessary household chores.Proper operation and timely care will significantly increase the life of an indispensable assistant in your kitchen.

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