Dieting and charging to keep fit

Do not pay attention to the possible imperfection of the figure, it is much more important that you feel good, and for this you need to constantly maintain your shape with the help of exercises, a relaxation system and diets. It is also useful to periodically replenish the daily care program with new products, allocating more time to pamper your body again and again.


Charging not only allows you to keep fit, it also helps to relax, promotes good sleep and makes it easier to cope with stress - all this is directly related to appearance. Regular gymnastics and firming massage helps to reduce excess weight, as it promotes the burning of fat deposits. Let charging be an integral part of your lifestyle, and perhaps this is what will allow you to stay young for many years. Start with simple exercises (walking, stretching, or swimming) at least half an hour five times a week.


Even the best face and body skin care products will not be effective if you do not eat properly. To remove toxins from the body and avoid dehydration, drink more water (1 liter per day) and herbal tea, and also ensure that the diet contains enough nutrients necessary for healthy skin. Some vitamins are especially useful for improving skin structure and speeding up metabolic processes.

Vitamin A helps maintain skin elasticity. The source of this vitamin is carrots, yellow and orange vegetables, as well as dark green leafy vegetables.

Vitamin B3 improves blood circulation. Contained in cereals, beans, green leafy vegetables, cereals and nuts, fish and seafood.

Vitamin C is involved in the formation of collagen fibers that provide skin elasticity. Contained in citrus, cabbage, green leafy vegetables, cherries and apricots.

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