Details decide everything, or we Turn ordinary clothes into an art object.

Posted by: Marina Murashkina

However, a lot of things in our life are solved by details, sometimes they are the final point in the formation of our views, opinions, relationships. And sometimes we drive them away from ourselves, saying, “Well, these are details!” And, as it were, emphasize their insignificance. But not in fashion! In this section of our life, the details are played solo, turning any, even the most inconspicuous costume into something special.

It is the details that can assign things to an exhibition status when it becomes an art object, and only very extraordinary individuals can take out such a load.

I don’t know how to wear such things, but I want to share more modest details, which, in my opinion, add points to everyday and familiar things. All fishes are found on the Internet.

Denim things - the most popular and comprehensive springboard for various interesting things. Even a small accent makes the original thing:

Many times I saw skirts, converted from jeans, a lot of options, but the combination with light fabrics definitely adds charm. And the suitable accessories will put the necessary point:

For lovers of the romantic-glamor, there are also necessary pieces to turn ordinary clothes into such things ... adding emphasis with beads, sequins or delicate embroidery:

You can decorate any shabby sweater with simple decorations, and it will turn into a beautiful thing:

There are also great opportunities for the transformation of ordinary things into romantic originality with the help of ruffles, flounces, inserts and basques of various cut:

The original design of the collar, button fastener on the pants, an interesting neckline, a little bit less such sleeves - and the details work 100% for you:

Pockets - an indispensable object for details. There are original options to show everyone your unusual pocket. There are also many ways to decorate pockets - from patches in the style of the Japanese boro, appliqués, button decor, embroidery, combination of fabrics, unusual cut and even using a clasp:

Buttons are also not just functional ... Buttons are a thing! Easily turn into a detail of the decor and diversify any clothing:

How to sew a button - depends on the fantasy, where to sew it - also:

Knitted appliqués are another original piece of décor. Take an ordinary gray-haired tolstovochku, apply a tiny cut-off applique and get an already original thing:

In addition to the slotted, there is also a sewn applique, which we also do not forget:

And, of course, embroidery! In different techniques, a different plan, for different possibilities.

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