Description of the variety of cucumbers Ecole and growing them in open ground

Cucumbers Ecole - is a hybrid variety that has a good yield, high taste, and also has many other advantages. In addition, the plant is unpretentious in the care. You can verify this if you grow cucumbers on your own by yourself.

How is characterized by a variety of cucumbers Ecole

This culture is a tall, but compact bush, with stiff green leaves. Fruiting can last 3 months, from the beginning of June to September.

Cucumbers Ecole
Ecole cucumbers can be grown in the open field or in the greenhouse
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Ripe cucumbers are dark green in color, with distinct spikes on the surface with white thorns. The fruits have the shape of a cylinder, 7 cm long and weighing up to 75 g. The diameter of the cucumber does not exceed 3.5 cm. Their flesh is juicy, dense and crispy, with a pleasant smell.

Ripe harvest should be collected every 2 days when the length of the fruit does not exceed 7 cm

Gherkins can be eaten fresh, as well as used for preservation. During heat treatment, they do not form voids.

In any form, this hybrid has excellent qualities.

Growing cucumbers Ekol from seeds

Sowing in open ground is carried out at the end of May, when the earth warms up to 15 ⁰С, the daytime temperature will be around 24 ⁰С, and at night it will not be lower than 18 ⁰С.

Seeds before planting need to soak for several days in a solution of "Epin" or "Zircon". It is necessary to increase immunity and stimulate growth. When they swell, they can be sown in the ground.

For the cultivation of cucumbers you need to choose a sunny place on the site, without drafts. In this case, the best precursors are cabbage, onions or potatoes.

Sowing seeds occurs this way.

  1. Dig the ground in the selected area and add manure or compost to it. Cucumbers grow well in loamy soil.
  2. Prepare a bed, make small holes, at a distance of about 15 cm from each other. Between rows leave a distance of about 50 cm.
  3. Pour some water into each hole.
  4. Dip a few seeds into each well, 2 cm into the soil and sprinkle with earth.

Seeds are sown in open ground.After this process, cover the bed with a film at night to keep it moist and warm.

With the appearance of several shoots, thin them, leaving 10 cm between them. When the first leaves are formed, thin the bed again, but leave at least 25 cm between the bushes.

In the future, you need to care for the plant as follows:

  • water the bushes under the root with warm water, at least 2 times a week;
  • loosen the soil and remove weeds;
  • periodically add mineral and organic fertilizers to the earth.

Care consists of standard activities.

A gardener can harvest a ripe and tasty crop about 2 months after sowing. The main thing is to follow simple rules during planting and cultivation of this crop.

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