Delight and joy dogs

Delight and joy dogsDelight and joy dogs. In anticipation of pleasure, the dogs jump and jump in the most bizarre manner, barking with joy. Dogs also have fun when they discover new toys, familiar objects. With what joy the dog reacts to the owner when he is going with her for a walk: he jumps, wags his tail, barks, brings a leash and puts his head in a collar.


N. Tinbergen said that in the fall, when the owners (the Greenland Eskimos) first came to harness the dogs, adult animals were furious at the sight of them. They jumped, wagged their tails, stuck their heads in harness. Young dogs, although they did not understand the enthusiasm of the older members of the family, were infected with general merriment, increased excitement and turmoil. This behavior of dogs is confirmed by the observations of K. Lorenz, who describes the reaction of the dog by the Pack, when he began to gather on a journey. "She did not walk away from me, she got up nervously and hurried after me as soon as I left the room. But the bags are packed, and my departure is inevitable. Confusion The Packs turned into despair, almost into a neurosis.She refused food, her breathing was painfully weak, from time to time it broke through with deep sighs ”(C. Lorenz. Krokie, Wolfe and Science and Life. —1971. — No. 2).


In the future, the dog ceased to obey. I jumped into the train, in which the owner was supposed to leave, but he drove her out. Then, out of melancholy and loneliness, she became wild, came out of obedience, began to raid the surrounding poultry houses, rabbits, engaged in robbery. During the robbery was caught and isolated. Six months later, K. Lorenz returned home. The dog met him with an enthusiastic howl and wild joy. She jumped on shoulders, tried to tear clothes, howl broke through squeal.


The well-known American naturalist and writer D. Muir in the story "Stykin" described in detail the delight and joy of the dog after she had overcome fear and horror, avoided inevitable death. Such situations are encountered daily, just the owners of dogs need to study and observe the behavior of their animal.


The frontier guards of N. Karatsup and I. Shilov together with the dog Hindu sailed by boat along the river Suifini. In the breakers boat overturned. The dog quickly reached the shore and began to expect the owner. The border guards at this time began to sink.The dog rushed to their aid and rescued them alternately.


“I never cried - Karatsup said later, - I think that Shilov is also not shy, but if you saw a Hindu jumping between us, like licking our faces and hands, rejoicing at our deliverance, you would not blame us for tears spilled this night on the bank of the Suifini. ”


Anger and rage are common in dogs. In dogs with rage, anger, readiness for aggression, the wool becomes on end, they pull back the ears, grin the mouth, can growl, take threatening poses, attack the enemy, the tail is mostly raised and tense.


These changes in behavior have long been known and are reflected in proverbs and sayings, for example, “the anger of a dog is visible on the tail, and the anger of a horse — on the ears”.

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