Decorations for the New Year. From hands to heart

New Year gives every home joy and hope for the best. Therefore, the preparation for this holiday also brings only joyful and bright emotions to the household. Of course, one cannot do without gifts on such a night. The tradition to give souvenirs to relatives and friends under the chiming clock is not left in the past, but boldly stepped into the 21st century. But nowadays, the rapid development of computer technology, communication systems and network communications, the preference is given to all the same surprises, in which a piece of the giver’s soul is embedded. Purchased goods in the store are much less valuable than do-it-yourself Christmas decorations.

Therefore, children and adults in the quest to bring joy to loved ones are held master classes in hand sculpt dolls or make a Christmas tree from foam plastic, paint pictures and independently sew various pleasant "usefulness" for the house. It would be appropriate to present a lace napkin, knitted at a crochet workshop.But such a gift will appeal to older people. For young people, the best gift will be jewelry for the new year. It can be either Christmas balls on the tree, painted by hand, or garlands with LEDs, also collected independently. For the development of handicraft techniques, there is a variety of literature. In any house there are magazines "Science and Technology" in which guys will be able to find tips on building a house for Santa Claus or a model of a whole New Year fairy-tale designer. In the process of creating such gifts dear to the heart, you can engage a little helper. A child with pleasure will help to decorate a Christmas decoration for the Christmas tree, or to mold a snowman from plasticine. Sometimes the most courageous and unusual ideas are realized on the eve of the New Year holiday. Therefore, the New Year is just the time for the realization of miracles. Any toy will come to life on this wonderful and magical holiday. One has only to give her life. Today, more and more often there are exhibitions devoted to such handicrafts and decorations. Finally, people begin to appreciate the manual labor produced more than mechanical things.This happens because people began to notice what is happening in the soul of a person who is given such simple but hand-made gifts. To say that the person who received Santa Claus with the author's heart is just happy with the surprise - it means not understanding anything. The value of self-made gifts is patience and hard work. Such an investment is not just a desire to make pleasant, but also a way to open your feelings to a person.

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