Deadcore: a new trend to copy the style of our dads

Deadcore, or dadcore, as The Guardian decrypts it, means the style of dressing like an adult man who started a family, became overgrown with worries and credits and forgotten about fashion. For a more truthful visual representation of this concept, journalists are advised to recall how your dad dressed when you were first born. Specifically, the focus is on the era between the mid-80s and the 90s: a “all-time” shoulder-length gray jacket, ironed high-rise trousers, a polo shirt or a sweater with a pattern and classic blue jeans, when it comes to weekends and not about everyday life. In a simple way, a deadcore is a men's clothing that is not your size, but not ultra-modern designer creations, namely “daddy's” things, simple and ordinary things are emphasized. This is not even a precious vintage, like the same men's lacquer boots from the 20s or fitted velvet jackets from the 80s - these are just plain and unpretentious clothes, whose new life you are trying to impart to you at the expense of styling.

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