Day of the hr-manager: professional holiday of personnel officers

The English phrase "human resourses" refers to a specialist who manages human resources. HR managers call themselves employees of recruitment agencies engaged in the recruitment and training of personnel.

In the recent past, personnel department personnel performed mainly routine work, and their duties were already considerably narrower. Soviet personnel officers prepared and kept documents related to the hiring, vacation period and dismissal of workers. Employment records filled it with their hands. Personnel officers created job descriptions, issued passes at enterprises, were engaged in counting workers in the workplace and their personal affairs.

Another holiday of the profession.

The effectiveness of individual specialists and the organization as a whole did not bother anyone. The development of market relations led to a revision of the personnel policy. The needs of companies in quality workforce grew, and it became clear that the Soviet approach to recruiting was hopelessly outdated.In small offices, the secretaries were still engaged in staffing, while large enterprises needed people with specialized training.

Day of the hr-manager is a traditional holiday, September 18 falls on the third week of September, which determines the choice of date. The beginning of the celebration can be attributed to 1835, when in Tsarist Russia, the authorities approved a decree intended to regulate the relations between the owners of factories and the workers they hired. The event was of a symbolic nature, since no documents had been issued before that set the rules for the interaction between capital and paid labor. The decree also provided for the creation of a new position at the enterprise - a future recruiting agent.

Much depends on the hr-manager.

Today, hr-managers are engaged in managerial affairs, searching for schemes of the most efficient work activity. At the core of their actions is performance, which grew out of the right motivation. The need for a manager, as shown by research experts, occurs when the number of staff reaches one hundred people. With the subsequent expansion of the organization to 150 employees, the personnel officer needs assistants.The formed department needs to track the drift of resume on the Internet, search for employees of the profile that meets the needs of the company, hire and train staff.

Modern hr-manager promotes the professional growth of employees, periodically engaged in their certification, conducts interviews, introduces educational programs and trainings, establishes close interaction within the team.

In the most advanced corporations, even the concept of personal development of employees with an individual selection of training schemes is applied.

The profession of a career officer is now in fashion and is considered one of the most promising. Real professionals in this field practice creativity, being guides of advanced ideas. They monitor the psychological microclimate in the team, determine the corporate culture and mission of their enterprise.

People involved in personnel policy, initiative, independent, have a high degree of sociability and responsibility, they are mobile, learnable and know how to rationally spend their time. These are bright leaders who are quickly joining any team.

Therefore, they celebrate their professional holiday as well, actively, trying to extract maximum benefits for self-development.

So, in 2009, one business community from Voronezh organized a colorful event in the entertainment complex, gathering under its banners over 120 personnel specialists, heads of leading local companies and journalists. In addition to the traditional banquet, the program included a variety of presentations, a lottery of business cards, bowling and a lot of positive contests. Winners of the competition were awarded video training, books and other valuable prizes. The highlight of the evening was laser fights.

And yet, the most valuable thing for an hr manager on this day is an unprecedented exchange of experience in an informal, friendly atmosphere.

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