Daniel Craig has ceased to be like himself

The BAFTA Prize does not involve carnival masks, but even the most loyal fans could hardly recognize Daniel Craig. As soon as the actor came up to the stage, surprised comments began to appear on tweeter: “It seems to me, or Bond made plastic”, “Something does not look good”, “What happened to his face” Immediately there were rumors that the actor before filming a new bondiana decided on plastic. And not without reason: according to the scenario, agent 007 is not more than 35 years old, whereas Daniel, who replaced Pierce Brosnan in 2006, will turn 50 in March.

In the photos, Daniel really does not look like himself. But perhaps it’s not plastic matter, he just didn’t get enough sleep? Daniel is one of those actors who have always been negative about surgical interventions. "There is a chance to become like a freak," he once remarked in an interview. “I really wouldn’t like that.”

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