Dakota Johnson envies the press of Chris Hemsworth

Dakota Johnson and Chris Hemsworth together starred in Drew Goddard's thriller “Nothing Good at the El Royal Hotel”, which will be released in Russia on October 11th. The film takes place in the late 60s: a group of disparate personalities stops for the night at the once popular El Royal hotel, located on the border of the states of Nevada and California, and then they are joined by an ominous, but damnable charismatic leader of the mysterious cult. He's just playing Hemsworth, and in this respect Dakota has his own opinion.

“You know, it was just insane to take on Chris for this role, and I constantly talked about this film crew. Who cares about what is happening in the film and what the plot is, because this asshole constantly sparkles in it with his press! Chris's body is incredible, divine, he generally can not appear in the frame with his shirt unbuttoned. You just forget about everything, looking at it. How can such a body exist from a scientific point of view?I would like to know? ”- Dakota shared with Australian Vogue with a mixture of admiration and irritation.

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Publication by Chris Hemsworth (@chrishemsworth)July 27, 2018 at 7:43 am PDT

Good question ... Apparently, Hemsworth has a family one: when Chris shared a family photo with his parents in May, Thor's fans admired the perfect physical shape of his father. Now it’s clear who Chris posed so much into - the genes!

"I watched very closely how he could safely eat a whole plate of Smarties (an analog of M & M's." -Note ed.). "Fuck you, Chris!" - I told him, because me, in order to get into a pair of jeans for a smaller size, you need three months to eat only vegetables. And Chris eats everything he wants, and still looks as if he had just been carved from the marble of Michelangelo. It’s just unfair, ”Dakota complained.

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