Dahlia from Foamiran

Foieran dahlia
Foamiran (foam, fome, plastic suede or simply foamed latex) - a novelty in the world of needlework, which allows you to easily create beautiful bouquets and hair accessories. Fom has acquired special relevance for mothers of charming babies who want to create rubber bands and hairpins with their own hands. The most simple to manufacture, oddly enough, are flowers with a large number of small petals - dandelions, asters, dahlias, chrysanthemums. The naturalness of a flower depends largely on the color of the foamiran and its tinting in colors or pastels. Materials and tools. Have you ever tried to glue rubber? Surely, for this you needed the Moment glue and considerable effort. Foam is also a thin sheet of foam latex, which creates problems at work. The best way to fix it is hot glue. So, for work, you simply need a glue gun and rods for it. In addition,You will need:
  • Iron.
  • Two sheets of foamiran - white and green.
  • A tube of lemon-colored paint .
  • Scissors.
  • A pair of ladybugs on a sticky basis.
  • A rubber band, hairpin or bandage, at your discretion.
  • Synthetic brush.
 you need
Work steps.

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