Customization, or where you can make clothes, shoes and accessories to your taste

Personal experiments with clothes and shoes have existed since these very clothes and shoes appeared in our life, but at the time of the Internet they came up with a beautiful definition - customization. In essence, this means that you apply your hand to a model invented by someone (for example, to a pair of sneakers or a shirt) and modify it to your liking. The price for such a luxury is not always available, but the result turns out to be a warming soul - you have in your hands a thing tailored to your figure or your favorite color, or with your initials. Forecasts for the development of the fashion industry promise us that in the future any thing can be subjected to such refinement for themselves, and while we are waiting for such happiness, we studied several customization services that can be used now.

Nike Sneakers

Sports brand Nike - the pioneers in the customization of sneakers, except that the option of creating their own individual pair only reached us this year. Now on site in sectionNikeIDYou can remake the Air Max Zero model - start with the color of the base and the insides of the sneakers, choose the color of the laces and the sole, repaint the Nike symbol in any color, and end up putting your own name on the backdrop. The starting price is 10 390 rubles. in the process of creativity does not change, and delivery in Russia is free.

Nike customization section

Shirts "Shirt to order"

An absolutely ingenious and completely Russian-speaking service for those who often wear shirts in life.Come up with your perfect shirthere you can directly from scratch - choose a fabric, cut, collar shape (including Victorian ruffles), fasteners and, of course, the color - solid, “office” strip, checkered or motley cucumber print, and The last moment to determine the size. Delivery in Russia is free, but it may take up to three weeks to wait for the order.

Customization section on the site "Shirt to order"

Burberry Trench Coat

The customization section on the Burberry website dies right away, and as soon as you reach the trench coats of perforated calf leather with a lace effect, you want to run and take credit for new clothes. If without lyrics, thenTrench Coat DesignerBurberry Bespoke allows you to choose the size, style, fabric and color of the trench, and the choice is really wide, although it does not seem so at first sight. The models are classic, but they can be tailored to suit your taste - for example, choose a leather color gold or mint lace as a material. We will keep silent about the price, but let's say at once that delivery to Russia is still possible only through intermediaries.

Customization section on the Burberry website

Afour shoes

The online store Afour grew out of the project of the shoe shop of two friends, and now it functions as a real shoe designer, where you cancreate a pair to order, starting from 8 models. Among the latter are two models of sneakers, winter boots, off-season shoes, high boots and brogues. The base price starts at 7,800 rubles and remains the same if you do not change the material, but just indulge in flowers. All shoes are made of genuine leather, if desired, you can choose a smooth and quilted surface, as well as apply stamping - for this just and have to pay. Delivery throughout Russia and in the CIS countries is available.

Customization section on the Afour website

Diesel jeans, jeans and leather jackets

The Diesel brand all over the world has Denim Master Studio customization studios that work with brand stores in the pop-up store mode (that is, temporarily).Now this studio has reached Moscow, and it has been located in the Tsvetnoy shopping center since March. On the spot, jeans, jeans and Diesel leather jackets can be changed. How? Attach metal and colored rivets figuratively or linearly, fasten stripes, cut off pockets, make inscriptions, change buttons, and then - as an inspiration to tell.

Customization studio Diesel Denim Master Studio

Converse Sneakers

We, perhaps, thought ofConverse customizationback in school, when they drew funny characters on them, made signatures or attached rivets. Now the function has officially been put on stream on the website of the brand in the Design Your Own section. You can scoff at the iconic pair of white Chuck Taylor - they can be printed or changed color, but, unfortunately, there is no initials function. Sneakers are delivered only to the USA and Europe, so to order a couple of dreams you will have to use the shipping service.

Customization section on the Converse website

Apple Watch

Apple Watch Smart Watch is the only Apple product you cancustomizeNot limited to, as is the case with iPhones, black, silver and gold, which everyone has. You can choose the size of the clock, the material and the color scheme, and to simplify the process a virtual designer works on the site, where it can be done remotely.There are only three watch case colors - the same classic ones as smartphones, but there are many straps in all colors of the rainbow - made of rubber, nylon, leather or metal. The resulting model can be issued after the online store Apple.

Apple customization section

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