Cunning is not a vice: the mystery about the three gods, which is almost impossible to solve

Imagine that three gods came to visit you. Almost as in “The Christmas Story” by Charles Dickens, only their name is Honest, Liar and Deaf. Of course, you want to learn more about them and ask a lot of questions. However, the problem is that you do not suspect who is who. But how to define it?


It is known that Honest never lies. The liar, in turn, tells a lie every time. But the Deaf and not always hear the question, and therefore answers inadvertently. But you have the opportunity to ask only three questions that learn to distinguish between gods. Answers to them should be only "Yes" or "No". So what questions should be asked? It is worth adding that if desired, all three questions can be asked to the same god. You can check yourself and find the right solution below the photo.


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To solve the riddle, you should first give code symbols to the gods.For example, First, Second and Third. So, we ask the First: "The second is lying more often than the Third?" If he answers in the affirmative, then the following questions should be addressed to the Second, if negative, then to the Third. And they sound like this: “Are you deaf? The first deaf? ".

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