Culinary Battle, or How to relieve stress in the Big City

You are tired of boring gatherings in a cafe, you want to diversify the evening? Then you just need to visit the studio Live Kitchen, where you will not only be fed a tasty dinner, but also taught how to cook it.
Photo: Olga Frolova / Woman's Day

Recently in Moscow, cooking classes have become increasingly popular. Why? I must say, a fun lesson. If you, for example, like to stand at the stove, and life in the megalopolis deprives you of such pleasure, you can go to dinner at a cafe, despite the fact that you prepare the dish yourself! Well, or perhaps you do not know how to cook exquisite, complex dishes, but would really like to learn, it means that you are definitely there, especially since you can take friends with you to make it more fun. The cost of such an event is 3,000 rubles per participant, but believe me, this is not much considering how much food will be on your table.

Photo: Olga Frolova / Woman's Day

The editors of Waman’s Day decided to see how interesting such events were.It’s not that we miss the pans, but we liked the idea of ​​team building in this form. They chose “Chayhona No. 1” on Tverskaya - there just opened the culinary studio Live Kitchen.

In fact, there is some absolutely special flair in it. For example, we were led through the entire hall and let into the holy of holies. Immediately there was a sense of belonging. A cozy kitchenette with a huge amount of special dishes, which each of us dreamed of having at home, but which the limited space of the apartments said its decisive “no”, knocked us all out of the rut.

“Oh, what kind of rolling pins,” we seized at first the first tool that came to hand. Having made selfies and joint photos, we reviewed all the tools, smelled oils and seasonings and managed to grind in flour even before the start of cooking.

Photo: Olga Frolova / Woman's Day

After drinking a glass of wine, we are quite insolent. And we got to comment on the show “behind glass” - so we dubbed a transparent wall for ourselves, behind which real chefs fussed, and not impostors like us. By the way, absolutely all men! And as soon as with such patriarchy our company was launched into the kitchen?

Photo: Olga Frolova / Woman's Day

And then two serious men entered the room. We fell silent. But it soon became clear that these uncles are not at all harsh, but very nice guys. All lucidly explain and do not skimp on jokes.

Get acquainted! Alexander Stakheev - brand-chief of the pan-Asian direction. He became a chef at the age of 22. A culinary genius, a master of his craft (as his colleagues presented, and you yourself understand the praise of colleagues!). Alexander worked in restaurants of Russian, Chinese, Japanese, European cuisine. She likes to create a sincere and friendly atmosphere at her master classes. The only chef in the world who will worry about your fingers more than yours.

Chef David Marjani - adjika conjurer, khachapuri master, a man for whom there is a seasoning “black ground pepper” and no other! David worked all his life in Georgia and Europe. He is a genius of Caucasian and European cuisine. That is all absolutely the most favorite dishes! And he is a creative - constantly comes up with something new.

Here in the hands of these cool chefs we fell.

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