Crochet tank top

Wonderful warm sleeveless turned out of thick threads. I crocheted very quickly with the N8 crochet on size 46−48. Then I imposed a lot of floral volumetric motifs and sewed to the front of the product, adding a thick thread.
thick thread
5 sleeves of black and one skein of milk yarn went on knitting of the sleeveless jacket.
5 skeins of green yarn
We start knitting a back with a set of 35 loops and we knit with the frame 15 rows. Then we remove 5 loops from each side and knit 12 lines further. We form a neck by connecting 7 loops with 2 rows from each edge, leaving an untouched area in the center. The front halves are also knit, just recruit 18 loops. We sew the details with a black thread over the edge so that the sides are in contact with each other. Knitting turns out very thick.
We knit several leaves
We knit a few leaves.To do this, we collect 12-15 air loops, and then we knit 8-10 s / s in the opposite direction, without closing them, in one direction. Coming back, we close two loops. We do the same on the other side of the cop.
A lush flower is knitted
A lush flower is knitted like this: dial 6 in / p, connect. Then we knit rapport 6 times: 2 i / p, a magnificent column of 6-8 nakida, 2v / p, and a connecting column in the center.
postage columns
This is the motif of the postal columns. We collect 6 in / p, we connect in a circle and we knit 12 c / bn into it. Then in each c / bn knit postal column.
beautiful element
Very beautiful element, while walking merrily dangles. We knit a chain in 10, 15 and 20 in / p, separately. In each v / n we sew 3 s / cn, and then we tie with contrasting thread each s / cn for beauty. Now twist our alder earring into the tube. When you tie 3 branches of different lengths, they need to be joined together.
 the element
The element" berry "from different yarns looks very impressive. For berries pick 3 in / p, combine. In the center of the circle we knit at first 12 s / d.Then from above we tie these loops with / sn in such a way as to close the loops of the previous row. If your center is not yet full, you need to continue tying until the center hole disappears.
The main element of the rose
The main element is the "rosette". We begin its knitting with 6 in / p, which we close in a circle. Now knitting will occur in a spiral. We knit 5 in / n, then connect with / cn to the center. We knit another 5 in / p and once again connect the center s / sn. The next 5 in / n are connected with / cn under the first chain from vn. Then under the second chain and. etc. until you link the desired size to the diameter. Now you begin to knit under the formed arch in the reverse order of 7 s / c under each. Reach the center. Change the thread to contrast and go back in the reverse order. Bind each loop of the previous row.
Roses knit
Roses are knit not only in one color, it’s better to tie the milk sleeveless section in shades of brown for harmony of perception.
mouse on the shoulder
Now my favorite element is the mouse on the shoulder. We start to knit it with 6 loops on the open loop (thread wrapped around the finger).We tighten the loop so that there are no gaps in the mouse in the small nose. Then we continue to knit: a / c for lifting and 2 s / bn in each loop of the previous row, closing the row. In the next row - 1 i / p, 1 s / bn, 2 s / bn in the loop of the previous row. We knit 9 rows and begin to reduce the loop in the reverse order. Tail knit a simple chain of i / p.
mouse on the shoulder
We sew the muzzle, and the ears are 5 s / sn in an open loop, which we tighten and sew to the head. Surely in front of the mouse sew a piece of cheese!
Crochet tank top
Sew flowers to the right front half.
Crochet vest
Then to the left. Do not forget to decorate additionally with the same yarn, from which a sleeveless jacket was knitted, simply by sewing it over the edge.
Crochet vest
Still, the mouse is good.
Crochet vest
As, however, the vest itself. You will be charming in it.

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