Crafts from sunflower seeds

Today we will make an application "sunflower" from colored paper and real seeds! Summer crafts with your own hands is very interesting to do from natural materials. Nature generously shares with young sculptors and artists with its twigs, leaves, needles, cones and acorns.

Natural materials make amazing applications for children.

 Handicraft from sunflower seeds

Handicraft from sunflower seeds

Starting a lesson on the topic of "Sunflower" let's look at the image of a sunflower.

What does it look like? Round, bright, light - it is very similar to the sun. Maybe that's why they call it sunflower? Flower under the sun. And indeed, for example, in Peru, sunflower sculptures were made and they worshiped him as the sun god!

In addition to the bright and spectacular appearance, the sunflower pleases us with wonderful seeds and oil. Remember sunflower oil? It is also made from sunflower.

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