Corporate Parties

Corporate PartiesHow to spend time on corporations

Such parties are held, for example, in honor of the retirement of a beloved boss or the birthday of an employee.


Remember that very frequent parties for any reason lead to a decrease in their importance. The reason for holding a corporate holiday should be really weighty.


And yet, how often to hold corporate parties? As a rule, once or twice a year is enough.


When organizing a holiday in the office (or in the company), you should first get permission from management.


Another important point is sending out invitations. If the party is held in the office, the invitation can be sent as a memorandum or letter by e-mail. If the holiday will take place outside the office, you should send out the standard invitations. The invitation must indicate the reason for the event, the place, the start time and the duration of the event.


To organize a holiday, choose a responsible person, preferably with experience in holding such meetings.If the party is paid by employees, then he should collect money in advance for a gift and food. Do not ask for too much money from people: a holiday should not hit the pockets of participants. If you can not keep within the amount collected, then try to revise some of the details of the party - perhaps it is worth shortening the menu or refusing. from expensive fireworks. Here are some tips.


For holidays or gifts, try to charge the participants not too large amounts so as not to make up the gap in their budget.


Try to get a general cashier. Money from it can be used for various small needs.


In this case, you will not need to collect additional money to cover a slight deficit of the holiday budget.

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