Competitions for the autumn ball for high school students and young people. Ideas funny competitions for the Autumn Ball in elementary school

KPO-005Today, not one Autumn Ball is complete without funny, fun and perky contests. The simplest of them are included in the program for children from primary school, and more complex and requiring attention and skill, complement the scenarios for high school students and young people. At events for grades 5-7, mobile contests aimed at agility and ingenuity are preferred, while in grades 9-11, creative competitions for the best costume, the most lyrical autumn poem or the most beautiful performance of a thematic song are more often chosen. However, there are so-called universal options that harmoniously fit into almost any even very unusual and creative plot. These are the competitions we have selected for you.Use our best ideas and spend your holidays fun, bright and with a twinkle.

Competitions for the Autumn Ball for high school students (grades 9-11) are funny and funny

For high school students (grades 9-11) for the Autumn Ball, funny, funny and fun contests are selected in which children can vividly show their creative abilities, imagination, creativity, dexterity and dexterity.


  • "Sun-rain". For the competition on the spacious stage set a large beach umbrella. Moving music sounds, under which the participants are fun dancing and fooling around. As soon as the presenter speaks the word "Rain" into the microphone, the guys hide under an umbrella. Those who do not have enough space are eliminated from the game. When the host announces "The Sun", everyone again rushes out onto the stage and dances. Then the leader complicates the task and announces how many people can take a seat under the umbrella. The winner (the last participant, who managed to hide under an umbrella) is awarded a large paper order in the form of the sun and some pleasant souvenir or a sweet surprise.
  • "Fashion sentence". On the stage, 5-6 pairs (girl + guy) are raised. The facilitator hands them several large rolls of toilet paper and announces the task.In 15 minutes, the guys should create original costumes for each other from the improvised material (toilet paper), come up with a name for them and explain how the models relate to the fall. The winner is determined by the loudest applause and applause, by which spectators meet costumes. The couple who took first place, finally performs for the audience the dance of the King and Queen.
  • Autumn volleyball.For this mobile and cheerful competition, the center of the hall is freed and divided into approximately equal parts with the help of a rope stretched between two chairs. Participants are divided into two teams and placed on different sides. Both sectors of the field emit the same amount of dry autumn leaves. The host whistles for the match, and the task of the participants is to transfer the maximum number of leaves from their territory to the opponent's side. 3-4 minutes are given for fun, then the game ends and the moderator is engaged in scoring. Losing is the team on the field which has more leaves than the opponent.

Competitions for the Autumn Ball for grades 5-7 are interesting entertainment ideas.


For pupils of grades 5-7, the Autumn Ball is selected for clockwork, active and active competitions.Despite the fact that children aged 11–14 already consider themselves adults, it’s nice to fool around and never mind being funny. And even more so when it is also possible to get nice prizes, improvised medals, funny titles and tasty presents for this.

  • "Tea ceremony".Class is divided into two teams and before each on the table lay a sheet of paper on which in the center is drawn a large cup. The participants are blindfolded. Then the children, in turn, approach the sheet with the image of the cup and draw triangles on it, symbolizing the tea bags. The victory is given to the team, which has more bags, trapped in the contour of the cup.
  • "Jumping artist".In the center of the hall, the sheet of the paper is suspended so that it can be reached only by jumping. Participants are divided into teams and the presenter announces the task - to make any drawing on the theme of autumn (maple leaf, bunch of mountain ash, bird, beast, etc.). Each of the team members approaches the paper, jumps up and tries to represent part of the required drawing. The winner is the team that created the most realistic image in such difficult conditions.
  • "Cheerful tea pipe". The class is divided into three teams. The captains are handed a cup of tea and a small spoon, and the rest of the children are given a spoon and an empty cup. Lead whistle announces the start and the competition begins. The first player spoon pours tea into the next cup and so on. The victory goes to the team that is faster than the competition fills the cup of its last participant.

Competitions for the Autumn Ball for elementary school - simple and fun


Simple contests with clear goals are suitable for elementary school students at the Autumn Ball. It is desirable that in competitions there was an element of the game, then young children will feel more comfortable. Too complex tasks and "abstruse" questions should not be carried away. Each child must calmly cope with the tasks, not experiencing discomfort due to misunderstanding or inability to fulfill the stated requirements.

  • "Hen Ryaba". Schoolchildren sit in a circle, and the leader walks beside them and counts each one, uttering the word “hen”. When the presenter suddenly calls one of the participants "Ryaboy", this child must quickly jump up and catch the leader before he takes the vacant seat in the circle. The competition continues until the children get tired.At the end, all participants are awarded candies and apples.
  • "The Bib".Guys are divided into two teams. The first to hang on the neck are improvised bibs - paper napkins of yellow color, and the second - the same, only white ones. At the signal of the presenter, the kids run after each other and try to rip the bib with the opponent. The winner is the team that first cope with the task.
  • "Harvest".Apples, carrots and potato tubers are laid out in prominent places in the classroom beforehand. Children are divided into teams and handed baskets. At a signal leading the guys running to collect vegetables and fruits. The winner is the team that has acquired more trophies than the opponent.

Competitions for the Autumn Ball for young people - humorous and perky


Competitions for the Autumn Ball for young people are selected in accordance with the theme of the script of the festive event. In theatrical performances with a historical plot include competitions in the old Slavic style, funny and funny costume shows for high school students are diluted with competitions for the best humor, cool performance or funny pantomime, and autumn concert programs for grades 5-7 and 9-11 complement competitions for the best performance songs or modifications to the most unusual, original and vivid dance.For children from elementary school, such rooms still seem rather complicated, but teenagers after several rehearsals will cope with the task without any difficulty.

  • "Maple thou art my fallen". Young people compete in pairs. Maple leaves are laid out in a chaotic manner around each participant on the floor. At a signal leading to the guys start to collect the leaves and with pins pinned to their clothes. The one who turns his suit into a deciduous tree in a minute wins.
  • "Become a poet."The presenter calls everyone present a few words related to the fall, and offers to come up with two rhymed lines or quatrains with them. The best work is determined by voting and applause. The losers write these lines on sheets of paper and hand them to the audience, and then the author himself signs them.
  • «Autumn palette».The presenter quietly gives the participant a card of a certain color. The player quietly hides it in his pocket and tries, using figurative comparisons, to explain to viewers what color he has got. If those present guess the color correctly, the player is awarded a mini-surprise, and the main winner of the competition is the person who gave the most vivid, beautiful and memorable definition.

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