Comb for the window: metal and other clamps, how to install

Comb: why it is needed

Modern plastic windows are beautiful, comfortable to use and durable. They guarantee good protection from drafts and noise, which compares favorably with the usual wooden frames. However, they also have disadvantages, the main of which is a high degree of tightness. Tightly fitting frames, complemented by gaskets, prevent natural air circulation. As a result, condensation accumulates on the windows, and mold is formed on the walls and ceiling. Constantly located in such a room is very uncomfortable and even dangerous to health.

A variety of hoods are not able to solve the problem, but there are simple and cost-effective solutions that can eliminate the small lack of modern plastic frames. These are small clamps, resembling combs, which are attached to the windows and allow you to open the frame to any width.As a result, it is possible to use not only micro-ventilation, but also other convenient modes, without using uncomfortable and unsafe props. Scallop securely holds the heavy frame, not allowing it to accidentally slam or swing open full width. Such devices can be used not only in residential buildings, but also in offices, shops, cafes and other premises that require frequent airing. The simple design serves for a very long time, the appearance of the window does not suffer.

Combs for windows: types and features

Comb, comb, crocodile - popular names of the same retainer. It is not included in the standard plastic window, but a simple device can be purchased separately or ordered when installing new frames. The accessory is necessary for windows of economy version that do not have micro-ventilation mode. But even if there is this function, it is not worth neglecting the inexpensive and convenient scallop. It is not needed only with sliding mechanisms, but such windows are much less common.

The device is made of durable plastic or metal, there are also combined options.The assembly kit consists of the comb itself and the counterpart, fixing it in the desired position. The comb is a flat plate with teeth, the size of the accessory and the gaps between the teeth can vary. The plates are painted in the color of the frame. There are special accessories for fixing balcony doors.

The choice of one or another option depends on the material from which the frame is made, as well as on the personal preferences of the owner. Plastic combs have a lot of advantages. They are lightweight, easy to install, differ in a wide range of colors and are very affordable. The only, but big minus is the fragility of the material. With a sharp jerk or unsuccessful installation of plastic product can be broken.

Metal stops are characterized by increased strength, they will keep the frame even with strong gusts of wind. It is easy to mount products, they are reliable and durable. The disadvantage is the higher price and limited color gamut. Alternative option - the combined combs. Their gear part is made of plastic, and the retainer is made of metal. Combined combs look much more aesthetic than all-metal, but at the same time also reliable and durable.

When purchasing a metal or plastic stopper, you need to understand that its function is to provide a comfortable airing of the room. The product will not be able to protect the window from the penetration of thieves, because the hook is easy to throw off with a simple movement of the hand, not only from inside the room, but also from the outside. Do not leave young children unattended adults next to the window open in the mode of ventilation. A smart kid can at any moment remove the stopper and open the frame, putting his life in danger.

Do-it-yourself fixation

Installing a metal or plastic retainer is easy. Need minimum skills with a screwdriver and accuracy. To work you need to buy:

  • a set of a clamp and a plate comb;
  • 2 self-tapping screws no longer than 13 mm;
  • Phillips screwdriver or screwdriver;
  • drill.

To mark the holes you need a pencil or marker. Too long screws do not use stand, they can spoil the appearance of the frame.

The easiest way to install is to install the lock under the knob. First, a mate part with a pin for mounting the working part of the comb is mounted on the window plastic profile.It is mounted on the moving part of the frame.

The decorative overlay under the handle is raised and rotated 90 degrees. The two screws under the cover are unscrewed, the handle is gently detached. In its place it is necessary to attach a plate with a counterpart mate, the comb pin should be directed to the edge of the flap. It is necessary to make sure that the comb will not interfere when opening and closing the sash.

The handle is put in place and fixed with screws, the frame handle is mounted on top. The cover plate is rotated to its original position again.

Self-install the comb as easy. It is important to ensure that the working part of the retainer was fixed just above the response. This will prevent the window from opening in case of an occasional gust of wind and guarantees the safety of children and pets. It is convenient to fasten the comb with two self-tapping screws and a cross-head screwdriver. Holes for screws are marked with a pencil and drilled through a drill.

The limiter from metal can be established on a plastic or wooden frame. It is suitable for aluminum profiles, which are used for glazing balconies.In this case, the work is carried out according to the above scheme, but for fixing the comb using special screws for metal. Screwing them with a screwdriver will not work, you will have to use a screwdriver.

The clamp is only suitable for swing aluminum frames. Sliding do not need it, other mechanisms are used to hold them.

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