Recipes for cold soups are a real salvation on a hot summer day, and a creative experiment with familiar ingredients, and a gastronomic journey through the cuisines of the peoples of the world. The soup is cold - really cold: unlike the usual first course, it is not warmed up, but rather cooled. The history of such soups is rooted in the Middle Ages, for example, in Lithuania, recipes for cold soups dating from the fourteenth century were found. Most often, cold soups are of two types: vegetable and dessert. The basis for vegetable soup can be as fermented milk products, and kvass, juice and a variety of decoctions. Cooking cold soups, as a rule, does not take much time, and requires the simplest, quite affordable ingredients. For the popular Russian okroshka you will need kvass, cucumber, boiled potatoes, radishes and boiled meat or sausage. Another recipe for this cold soup involves the use of kefir as a base. Bulgarian-Macedonian soup tarator is also prepared on kefir or low-fat yogurt, but among its components there is no meat, only cucumbers, garlic, walnuts, greens and olive oil.Any Spanish mistress knows how to cook cold soups called gazpacho in ten different ways. The basis of such a dish, as a rule, is ground ground ripe tomatoes, bell peppers and cucumbers. Fruit and berry gazpacho, for example, based on strawberry, mango or watermelon pulp, is becoming increasingly popular. In the cuisine of Eastern European countries - Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland - summer soups with the addition of young tops of beet, rhubarb, borage or even nettle are popular! The recipes for these cold soups always include a boiled egg. Called such soup, as a rule, the fridge. As a basis for it, kefir of high fat content, or yogurt, is used. There are also cold soups in French cuisine, a vivid example is the visisuaz soup. This is a very rich dish, as the ingredients used are cream and butter, potatoes, leeks and chicken broth. Prepare it as an ordinary soup, then whisk in a blender to a puree, and cool. A special place in the menu of many expensive restaurants in the world is cold sweet soup. As a rule, it is an easy and quite low-calorie dietary dessert, and even the most strict follower of the dietary diet can afford it.The basis of such soups are most often berries or fruits: they are boiled with sugar, rubbed through a sieve or allowed to juice. The presentation of such dishes is also interesting: for example, melon soup, for example, can be served in the cleaned half of the melon itself; transparent glasses are suitable for various variations of berry soup.

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