Church holiday October 14



The great Christian feast of the miraculous appearance of the Pokrov of the Most Holy Own Lord of Our Lady of God and of the Virgin Mary. This phenomenon occurred in the middle of the 10th century in Constantinople in the Vlacherna church, where the veil of the Mother of God was kept, its head cover (maforium) and part of the belt transferred from Palestine in the 5th century. On Sunday, October 14 (1), during an all-night vigil, when the church was full of people praying, Andrew, for the holy saint of Christ, a Slav, who was captured and sold as a slave to a local resident in his youth, at four o'clock in the morning, raising his eyes to heaven He saw our Most Holy Mother of God walking through the air, illuminated with heavenly light and surrounded by angels and a host of saints. The Holy Baptist John and the holy Apostle John the Theologian accompanied the Queen of Heaven. Kneeling down, the Most Holy Virgin began to pray for Christians with tears; Having finished the prayer, She removed the veil from her head and spread it over the people praying in the temple, protecting them from the enemies visible and invisible.This cover shone "more than the rays of the sun." The Virgin Mary asked Jesus Christ to accept the prayers of all the people who resorted to Her intercession. Then the Mistress disappeared; the veil also became invisible, but for a long time people still felt the grace that overshadowed the temple.



In Russia, temples in honor of the Protection of the Mother of God appeared in the XII century. The Church of the Intercession on the Nerl, world-famous for its architectural merit, was built in 1165 by St. Prince Andrey Bogolyubsky. His concerns also established the feast of the Protection of the Mother of God in 1164 around the Russian Church. See also - all the church holidays in October and a convenient calendar, where all the church holidays are divided by months. It is convenient to watch what is a church holiday today. For now about signs for a holidayProtection of the Holy Virgin:



  1. Pokrov - first zazime.
  2. On Pokrov, it is autumn before lunch, and after winter - winter-winter.
  3. From what edge to Pokrov the wind will blow, from there it will blow all winter (Voronezh Province).
  4. If in Pokrov the wind blows from the east, then the winter will be cold.
  5. If on Pokrov the wind blows from the south, then to the warm winter, if from the north - to the cold.
  6. If a leaf from oak and birch on Pokrov falls cleanly - by an easy year, and not cleanly - by a severe winter.
  7. Cover will cover the earth where the leaf, where the snowball.
  8. If snow fell on Pokrov, then on Dmitriev day (November 8) it will certainly be the same.
  9. Cover naked, then Catherine (November 7) naked.
  10. From the first snow to the sleigh six weeks (Pinezhye).
  11. Fly cranes to Pokrova - for an early, cold winter.
  12. If the squirrel before Pokrova cleanly faded, then the winter will be good.
  13. With Pokrova peasants begin to caulk their huts.
  14. Chini hut before the Intercession - not that there will be no heat.
  15. In the Tambov lips. On this day, for the first time, they were stoked in the living rooms of the furnace. Baked pancakes, and it was called "bake the corners."
  16. If they cover the Pokrov with an apple tree, then it will be warm in the house all winter (Tambov Province).
  17. The last collection of muzzle and camelis.
  18. On the Veil they feed the cattle with the elderly (last) sheaf and from that day they keep it at home.
  19. From Pokrova hired to work. The term was established: from the Intercession to Eudoka, from the Intercession to Egor, from the Intercession to the Epiphany.
  20. After harvesting, the guys had little work, and they willingly went to labor camps.
  21. From October 14 in many places began Pokrovsk fairs.
  22. Hook back, tovarets, to Pokrov, rent at the Pokrovsk fair.
  23. Wait until Pokrova, I will pay all my debt. Cover - the time to start gatherings.The cover is the patron of weddings. Pokrov will come, the girl will cover her head.
  24. If the cover is windy - there will be a great demand for brides.
  25. If snow falls on the Cover, it foretells a lot of weddings.
  26. The girls, believing in the power of the Intercession to promote the marriage union, “early fled to the church and set a candle for the holiday. There was a belief: whoever puts the candle in the past will get married before. ”
  27. Came Pokrova, the maiden roars like a cow.
  28. The breeze has come - the landing has led.
  29. Cover did not cover, not cover Christmas.

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