Choosing tattoo needles ...

Today it is scary to imagine, but before the advent of modern equipment, tattoos were created with the help of sewing needles and similar devices that were sharpened from paper clips and staples. Nowadays tattoo masters use special disposable tattoo needles and quality machines. Needles are made from various materials, but the most common are products made of alloy steel, platinum and nickel, although other options can be found on the market.


When creating a tattoo is extremely important technology sharpening needles. It can be faceted or round. The latter is more preferable, but with the help of faceted sharpening it is easier to draw the outline of the image.

Among professionals popular is a special sharpening in the form of a bullet. In their opinion, such sharpening can significantly reduce the risk of injury, and also accurately deliver the pigment to a certain area of ​​the skin.

The thickness of tattoo needles varies from 0.2 to 0.4 mm. Thin products are required to create contours, and thick - for the work on the shading.Although everything is also subjective here and depends on the skills and talent of a specialist, as a good master, if necessary, will make a perfect contour even with a thick needle.

Needles are divided into smooth and textured. Some professionals argue that the latter excessively injure the skin. Others are of the opinion that with the help of textured needles it is possible to introduce pigment much faster. In any case, the result will depend only on personal experience. At the same time, needles with a texture are more expensive than polished ones.

All needles for working with tattoo equipment can be grouped according to the principle of the device:

  • RL - 3-18 pieces in a bundle, which are arranged in a circle and are soldered together. Used to form the contour of future images. 1RL (1 needle per rod) is often used.
  • RS (3-18 pcs.) - also called "divorced" needles, as placed in two rows on a parallel basis. They are chosen for painting over and painting feathers.
  • Magnum (M1 - 1-34 pieces in one row, M2 - 1-42 Gt. In two rows) - are used for easy feathering and fading. Allow to provide a dense fill with uniform application of pigment and without skin injury.
  • Round Magnum - the needles are arranged in a semicircle in two rows. The main purpose is smooth paint.
  • Flat - placed in one row and soldered very tightly to each other. Allow you to make transitions between colors and apply halftones.
  • Round - arranged in a circle freely (for filling) or tightly to each other (for contouring works).
  • Single - one needle. It features the possibility of universal application.

Novice masters are advised to choose Magnum, RS and RL tattoo needles with rounded sharpening. Professionals can use any type of needle, depending on personal preference.

Thin needles are best used for drawing a contour, thick ones - for pigment feathering. Beginners should prefer polished needles, as only experienced tattooists can work properly with textured ones. The choice of the manufacturer of tattoo needles is also determined by experiment.

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